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Every business is unique and this understanding is at the core of our approach to marketing. When we meet with new clients, we do a full examination of current and past marketing efforts. Once we have an understanding of their current position in the marketplace, we create a strategy that caters to their specific needs. While the recommendations are unique, there are a few essentials. Here’s a look at five trending suggestions for businesses:

Vision Statement

“Why does my company exist?” As you answer this question, you’ll be on your way to creating your vision statement. When you have to decide between option A and option B, your vision statement will be your guiding force. What defines your company and what will it strive for? What need does your service or product meet? Roll these answers into a short catchy phrase and you’ll have your vision statement. Craft it precisely and purposefully – it will serve you well. For more on vision, click here.


Designing your logo is the first step in creating the visual representation of your brand. Your logo is how your brand will be remembered. People don’t think in words, we think in pictures. While you are developing your logo, keep in mind that you are also creating your color palette. The colors used in your logo will need to be consistently used in your branding efforts. Take a look at a few of our recent logo designs here.

Responsive Website Design

A company’s website is the key to their entire business. – Marcus Sheridan

You know you need a website and you’re likely aware of the importance of a mobile website. Until recently you needed two separate websites – one for desktop and one for mobile. Having two separate websites makes any update process long and laborious. The good news is that now you can have a mobile website and desktop website in one! Responsive websites are able to determine what size screen the website is being viewed on and it will auto-respond accordingly. It’s awesome and it will save you precious time and money! Learn more about our website design services.

Google AdWords

Online competition is fierce. After you build your website, it is important to have channels in place to drive traffic to the site. One of the most important channels is search engines, especially Google. There are two possible places for your website to appear on Google – Organic Search Results and/or Google AdWords. Organic Search Results are unpaid and Google Ad Words is paid. The end goal is to appear organically on Google’s first page, but this takes time. The best way to appear quickly is with a Google AdWords Campaign. If you spend the money to build a new website, make sure people can find it!


After you have your branding and website in place, it’s time to engage! If you got wind that 50,000 people in your target market were going to an event, would you go? YES! If you are a social media skeptic, the key thing to remember is that social media is where conversations are taking place. It’s where people are asking questions and it’s where answers are being given. With 1.1 billion active users, there are certainly questions being asked and problems being discussed about your industry. If you’re there, you can be the answer to the question. Be there. If you need assistance making introductions, we are here to help.

Starting a new business or improving the imprint of a current business is exciting! But, it can also be daunting to step into unfamiliar territory. If you need assistance with your marketing, we would love to sit down and speak with you. Contact us!

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