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With more than three billion people using the Internet as their main source of information, it’s almost guaranteed that a consumer’s first impression of your company will come from your website. With just seven seconds to make a first impression, your online presence is more important than ever. At M&R, our award-winning, in-house team of website developers and website designers are focused on representing your brand elegantly and strategically.

Our Web Design Capabilities

  • Informational business websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Realty and searchable directory websites
  • Membership websites
  • Customized solutions

What can I expect from an M&R web design?

Custom Design

Every M&R website is 100% custom designed. We never use a template and we start with a focus on your branding, target market, and overall conversion goals. As a marketing agency, we take a more comprehensive view of your website project – we consider who will interact with your website, what their expectations of information are, and how we can best convert them to take the next step. That’s why a design catered to your unique needs is so crucial. From eCommerce functionality to third party software integration and mobile-friendly technology, we’ll work alongside you to design and build a customized solution.

Mobile-first Design

With more website traffic originating from mobile devices than from desktop, it’s important to shift how we approach website design. With mobile-first design, we are placing a strong emphasis on how your website will be viewed on mobile devices and allowing this to dictate your desktop view. In the development phase, we’ll build an all-in-one, responsive style website that looks and functions beautifully on all device sizes.

Copy Development

It’s tempting to concentrate your efforts on design and neglect your content, but this is a big mistake. Your website content is what communicates your competitive advantages and has the biggest impact on your SEO. Writing engaging, search engine optimized website content is a precise skillset, and our team of in-house, award-winning copywriters devote their entire day to crafting words that clearly communicate with your website visitor.

Website Management

Because we understand how busy you are, we offer comprehensive website management packages so your site stays relevant and accurate. Or, if you’re a DIY kind of person, we’ll train you on how to update and manage your website. Whether you want to add a monthly blog article, regularly update a portfolio of pictures, manage product entry on an eCommerce or realty website, or any number of other changes, we will craft a website management package that fits your ongoing needs.

Website Hosting

We utilize a cloud-based hosting system, offer daily back-ups, and perform software and security updates throughout the year to ensure your website maintains maximum up time and continues functioning at full capacity. All hosting packages also include an SSL certificate, server firewall, and security and vulnerability scans. Our hosting services ensure that the integrity of your website is maintained and protected, offering you worry-free support.

Website Reporting

Analytics reporting offers valuable insights into the performance of your website and can dictate future efforts to improve your website’s search engine optimization. We offer a customized dashboard, which delivers graph-based reporting on all your key metrics. Included with our monthly reporting package is analysis, helping you understand what all the numbers mean.

Advanced Website Solutions

Each business has a different set of needs and goals for their website, some of which include a highly customizable, advanced solution. Our award-winning team of in-house developers is equipped to walk you through the discovery process and help you scope out your custom website project. After our discovery meetings, we will move into wireframing, initial development, content creation, design, and final development. After a round of intensive team testing of your new website, we will prepare for deployment.


Listing directories are a great solution for real estate companies, online legal directories, membership websites, educational directories, and more. Our directory websites allow you to easily manage and display listings online, setup custom search functionality, custom design search result pages, and more.


With 89% of Americans shopping online, it’s important to offer your customers an online store that is searchable, fast, secure, and easy to use. The website should be user-friendly for the business owner as well. Our eCommerce website solutions allow you to easily manage inventory, offer multiple shipping options, create and manage coupons, allow for product reviews, print shipping labels, and view sales reports. Learn more about our eCommerce website solutions.

Custom Solutions

Our custom website solutions are designed 100% around your specific needs – no two websites are alike. While you may know what you need, you may need assistance in mapping out the most efficient web-based approach to arrive there. This is where our experienced team of in-house developers will walk you through each step of the process, from discovery through deployment.

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Our Commitment to You

You should know something. Our creative, strategic work comes with a commitment that we take very seriously: our entire team is obsessed with the success of your brand and will serve as a non-biased partner for the growth of your company. Here’s why that commitment matters.