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Middle Georgia State University


Middle Georgia State University is a five-campus, 8,000-student institution whose roots date back to 1965 as Macon Junior College. Over the last 50 years, it has grown to offer undergraduate degrees and was recently approved to offer master’s degrees.

The Need

In 2016, as Middle Georgia State University engaged in a full rebrand to promote their new University status, M&R Marketing was tasked with overseeing the design of a new .edu website. The website needed to be consistent with MGA’s newly established brand and precisely timed.

The university also approached us in 2021 to help promote programs like Business Administration (Bachelor’s), Information Technology (Doctorate), Management and Sports Management (Master’s), and Nursing (Master’s). Their leading goal was to increase the number of applications for each program.

The Solution

We started from the ground up in 2016 by first meeting with focus groups composed of future and current students. We utilized their feedback to establish a user experience that was focused on the specific needs of both user groups. We then worked closely with their in-house web development team to create designs and an HTML and CSS framework that their development team could place on top of their school’s CMS.

For their digital efforts in 2021, we established specific Google Ads campaigns for all 4 programs. Each campaign ran for a 2-month period and strategically focused on increasing applications to the Business Administration, IT, Management and Sports Management, and Nursing programs.

Our solutions included:

  • Google Ads
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

The Results

Middle Georgia State University boasts a robust website that promotes its educational programs to current and future students, as well as MGA alumni.

Digital Marketing Performance

We ran Google Ads campaigns in the Fall of 2021, which included search and display ads for all four programs. We tracked conversions including form submissions requesting more information and clicks to the specific program page on the main website. All campaigns achieved above average performances, but there were some standouts:

IT Doctorate Search

6.9% clickthrough rate (the average for education is 3.78%)
34.69% conversion rate (the average for education is 3.39%)
34 conversions off 94 clicks

Business Administration Search

846 clicks
24,310 impressions
104 conversions
12.29% conversion rate

Master’s in Management Display

510 clicks
23,522 impressions
2.17% clickthrough rate (the average for education is 0.53%)
41 conversions
8.04% conversion rate (the average for education is 0.50%)