How to Help Your Business Standout at Christmastime

The Christmas season is in full swing, and we bet you’re looking for ways to attract more customers during this festive time. It may feel overwhelming to compete with the Joneses next door, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider the following ways to help your business standout at Christmastime:

Industry Spotlight: High School Website Design

High schools have the important task of preparing students for their future; it’s their final adolescent phase toward college or employment! With such an important task, high schools must have a website that helps them succeed in all areas. Your high school website design should attract parents and students and be extremely functional. Discover more:

7 Website Trends to Be Aware Of

As technology evolves, businesses can maximize their space on the Internet through their website. In recent years, website trends have exceeded expectations for both customers and companies.

How to Identify your Ideal Customers … and Fin...

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer and is created through examining your current clients. The creation of your persona will identify your customer’s demographics, buying habits, interactions with your product or service, and much more.

How Can Core Values Grow Your Business

We started a new series called Grow from Within, with one basic assumption: every business has a desire to grow. As we’ve explored business growth, we’ve concluded that businesses will always look externally for growth opportunities but will rarely look internally. The goal of each article in this series is to demonstrate how an inward […]

Would You Hire Yourself? 4 Ways to Self-Evaluate You...

In the grind of growing a business, most of our efforts are externally focused – networking, trade shows, advertising, etc. – and we spend a very small amount of time internally focused. To help encourage this important process, we’re excited to start a 4-part series focused on growing your business from within. This series will […]