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For the past few weeks, we’ve focused on video production and how video is an indispensable part of any business’s marketing efforts. If you’ve been reading, you may be a little overwhelmed when you think about how to concept your company’s video content, production considerations, distribution questions, and the thousand other things that go into successful video marketing.

Fortunately, there’s a team of talented marketing professionals who have a deep understanding of video marketing and know how to leverage it to engage audience members at every step of their buyers’ journey. From overall video strategy to turnkey concepting, production, and distribution of your finished videos, the pros at M&R Marketing can help you harness the incredible engagement and return on investment that video provides.

Why Is Video Important?

If there’s one throughline in our series of articles about video, it’s this: your audience expects it. Long gone are the days when video marketing only came in two flavors: big-budget, national ad campaigns, and low-budget, low-quality local productions.

When ten-year-olds have thriving Twitch accounts, high schoolers can become celebrities on TikTok and YouTube, and every smartphone on the market is equipped with better cameras and editing tech than even big-city TV stations had just a few years ago, there is no excuse for not using video to promote your brand and engage your audience.

Video is the absolute hands-down best way to engage an audience. Even if you only ever post your video content on your company’s social platforms, you’ll see a difference – posts that include a video get more than 300% more engagement than other posts. When you add a multi-platform video strategy to your overall marketing mix, you’re likely to see:

  • An increase in brand recognition
  • Increased active engagement with your brand on social and other platforms
  • Increased ROI for your digital ad campaigns
  • And other effects that are good for your brand and your bottom line

Example: Adams Exterminators “Bugs Happen” Commercial

How Does M&R Do Video Production?

We’re not a video production company – we’re a marketing firm, and we understand that video is just one part of your overall marketing mix. When you partner with us, you don’t just get a high-quality video product; you get a high-quality video product that’s carefully conceived and developed with an eye toward meeting a specific need or group of needs within your marketing strategy.

Step One: Strategy

Our process starts with intensive discovery before we ever begin brainstorming ideas, penning scripts, or planning shot sheets. We dig into your business goals, product and service offerings, and more to help you develop an effective overall video strategy or just a strategic direction for a particular video you have in mind.

Example: Portable Air & Power Testimonial Video

Step Two: Pre-Production

Once we have a strategy laid out, we’ll start working on the pre-production aspects of your video:

  • Developing a concept that will speak to your audience and engage viewers
  • Writing a script or treatment that uses your voice to talk about your business
  • Storyboarding, shot sheets, location scouting, and more to keep your production organized and on track
  • Securing the talent or other participants for your production, including actors and voice performers if needed
  • Planning and scheduling actual shoot days

Step Three: Production

This step is the most exciting part. On production days, we’ll arrive at the filming location with a complete crew – lighting, sound, camera operators, any talent required, and more. Or, if your video strategy calls for short, informal social reels, we’ll show up with smartphones and plenty of imagination.

During production, we’ll work quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact our production team will have on your time and operations. We’ll conduct interviews, collect b-roll, and do whatever else we need to get the footage we’ll use to tell your story.

Step Four: Post-Production

Once all the footage has been captured, it’s off to post-production, where your final product comes to life through:

  • Video editing
  • Effects and titles
  • Voiceovers and music

Example: Wesleyan College “It’s Your Turn” promo

Step Five: Distribution and Placement

What’s the least effective video marketing piece in the world? The one nobody ever sees.

Putting an actual video together is only about half of what makes a video strategy work. The other half is making sure that your videos get out to your audiences.

When your video is ready, we’ll work with you to get it uploaded, posted, and shared. Each platform has its various strengths and weaknesses, its unique user base, and its special opportunities for companies to stand out. We know video marketing inside and out, and will ensure that every piece of video collateral is matched to the proper placement for maximum effect.

For instance, while your three-minute company overview may be an excellent option for your website and YouTube, it may not be a great performer on Instagram, where a younger audience prefers shorter videos. On the other hand, that hilarious video of your accounting team standing on their desks and lip-synching to “Bohemian Rhapsody” probably goes on Insta and stays off your website.

Step Six: Performance Tracking and Analytics

Finally, even though your video is placed and being seen and shared, our job is not done. Without detailed tracking and analytics, you’ll never know whether that fantastic ad your friends at M&R made is actually moving the needle or not.

Through the duration of your video campaign, we’ll provide you with performance metrics to help you quantify the value of your investment. If your video performs well, you’ll be able to continue with your campaign confidently; if it’s not quite hitting the mark, we can work with you to adjust your strategy.

Example: Panaprint Company Overview Video

If Six Weeks’ Worth of Video Articles Hasn’t Convinced You, Then a Conversation With Our Sales Team Will! Give Us a Call and See How Video Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts: 478-220-4788

Video marketing works, no question – and your audience expects it. When you’re ready to shout “Action!” call M&R and see the difference that a full-service, fully engaged marketing team can do for your business.

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