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It’s no surprise that YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, attracting over 30 million users every day. Instagram, a social media platform that is photo-centric, demands daily attention of roughly 700 million users around the globe. What does this say about marketing tactics in relation to photo and video?

The world craves entertainment via video and photography, and your company’s marketing efforts can skyrocket once implemented.

It’s not that you lack the passion or creativity to implement photo and video into your marketing strategy – you just need help getting started! That’s why we’ve put together five photography ideas and five video ideas for you to implement. Allow us to explain how each can play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy and better reach your target audience.

Photography Ideas

You’ve heard the famous adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” We agree, but let’s make sure that image is high-res and coincides perfectly with your brand! The quality of your imagery on your social media pages, website, digital ads, and print ads directly represents your company. Choose any of the following ideas to get started on your photography efforts:

Interior photography – If you regularly see customers in your store, having professional photos on your website of the interior of your shop is a great selling tactic! When they visit your store, they will feel like they’ve been there before and will know what to expect.

Exterior photography – Take a few seconds to do a Google search for your business. When the search results populate, you’ll likely see a Google map of your company’s location and an exterior image of your business quarters. This is only one place of many that people will see pictures of your exterior building!

Lifestyle photography – Lifestyle photography is an exciting way to showcase a product while someone is using it. For example, a company that sells bikes can take pictures of people riding their bikes in nature. Or, a company that sells kitchen utensils can take pictures of a parent cooking for her family. Lifestyle photography provides a relational aspect of your company to your potential customers.

Professional headshots – Most websites have a “meet the team” or “about us” page that allows customers to put names to faces. Make sure those faces are captured by professional headshots! Blurry or low-resolution pictures cannot provide the best representation of your company.

Event photography – Whether you’re throwing a company Christmas party or new product premier, capture the event! These images can be circulated in house for future marketing strategies or displayed on social media to tell your customers what you’re up to.

Videography Ideas

Videography is a way to sell your customers on a product or service and, at the same time, offer entertainment! Consumers are more prone to watch a video than read a block of text, and marketers experience a great ROI when it comes to video marketing. If you’re unsure where to start in your videography efforts, consider these five ideas:

Advertising commercials – Digital marketing experts guesstimate that Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 digital advertisements every day. With such a saturated market, you must think outside the box with your 30 second commercial. Don’t be scared to keep it short, as long as you fill every second with valuable, intriguing information.

Company overviews – There are likely other companies that offer the same service or product that you do. A company overview video can tell your customer why they should choose you! Tell them about your history, your team, anything and everything that makes you stand out from the competition.

Testimonial videos – Referrals are the BEST form of marketing. They are not only free, but they hold an immeasurable weight during the decision-making process. People trust a referral from a friend or family member, so take that referral and share it with the world! Contact a few of your most loyal customers and make a testimonial video.

Product demos – There isn’t anything more frustrating than buying a product, but not knowing how to use it! You are your own product’s expert, so show your customers in a simple “how-to” video. This is an easy way for your customers to stumble upon your company as they search YouTube for instructional videos.

Corporate training videos – Many people learn best when they are visually stimulated. Videos hold their attention and can dramatically increase memory retention! Create training videos on safety, protocols, service, product demos, and more.

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