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Digital advertising allows you to target very specific groups of people and typically utilizes a pay-per-click (PPC) model. Digital advertising should be a part of every promotional mix, regardless of industry or budget. Here’s a few reasons we love digital advertising:

  • The PPC model means you only pay if someone clicks on your ad; when this model is coupled with a highly targeted reach, you have a cost-effective advertising model.
  • Through digital ads, we can track phone calls, contact form submissions, and actions from each platform. This analysis allows us to make informed decisions about each platform’s effectiveness and pivot as necessary.
  • When advertising digitally, you can easily test multiple promotions and messages, show up in new markets within minutes, exclude areas down to a half mile radius, and more.

Our digital ad platforms include social media, YouTube, search engine marketing, and geofencing.

Our Team

Our digital advertising services are led by our senior digital specialist, who works alongside an additional digital specialist, copywriter, and graphic design team.

Our Process

  1. Strategy – every digital ad campaign begins with a strategy that focuses on the platforms that best meet the needs of your business
  2. Audience – we will focus on the target markets that are most effective for your campaign goals
  3. Design – your ad options can include a mixture of graphic and video ads that catch the attention of your market
  4. Manage & Report – our expert team will manage, update, and provide reporting on your campaigns every month

Our team is available for an advertising consultation. Contact us today!

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Digital Ad Channels

Social Media Advertising

With 81% of the U.S. population on at least one social media platform and most users visiting daily, social media should be a central component to your digital advertising strategy. Each social media platform has an advertising component available to businesses. As you seek to build your social platforms, you have an enormous amount of data at your fingertips. Through paid ads and boosted posts, you’ll attract leads based on your current clientele. Targeting for social media is precise, including age, gender, interests, employment, buying habits, city, education, household income, and much more. Learn more about social media advertising.

YouTube Advertising

Each day, Americans watch over one billion hours of video on YouTube and it reaches more 18 to 49-year olds than any broadcast or cable TV network. Through advertising, you gain access to this viewership and can target your ads based on viewing interests, location, and more. Learn more about Youtube advertising.


A geofencing campaign allows you to set a digital perimeter around an area and place ads in front of app-users when they enter your digital fence. Your ads show up in a large list of apps and you can target users by interest, radius, and day and time. Learn more about geofencing.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads and Bing Ads are both excellent platforms for targeting consumers based on their search habits, interests, and geographic location. Working off the pay-per-click model, you can direct qualified leads to a landing page focused on converting. Learn more about search engine marketing.

Landing Pages

Landing pages often play an integral part of a promotional campaign. Ad traffic is driven to a landing page, with the purpose of conversion and tracking. Our landing pages include a branded design, clear calls to action, a singular message, a tracking phone number and contact form, have quick load times, are mobile friendly, and are conversion-focused.

Tracking & Reporting

Tracking services are vital in gauging the effectiveness of your promotional efforts and are a large part of helping determine your ROI. Tracking allows us to make informed decisions that will lead to a more effective use of your marketing dollars. Tracking elements include unique URLs, contact forms, phone numbers, promotional codes, and the setup of analytics goals and events.

Our Commitment to You

You should know something. Our creative, strategic work comes with a commitment that we take very seriously: our entire team is obsessed with the success of your brand and will serve as a non-biased partner for the growth of your company. Here’s why that commitment matters.