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Consumers are attached to their phones, and 89% of mobile media time occurs within an app. Geofencing allows your business to advertise to an extensive network of apps and mobile sites. But, even better, geofencing allows you to draw a digital fence around locations in which you’d like to advertise. When a consumer crosses into that digital fence with an app or mobile site open, your ads appear.

Tell Me More About the Process

  1. Create multiple GIF ads with rotating panels and messages
  2. Your ads will show within mobile apps and mobile websites that your target audience are likely to use
  3. Your ads can appear within a 0.5+ mile radius around a specific address of interest
  4. You can set day and time qualifiers for when your ads will run based on your audience’s use of their mobile devices
  5. Once they leave the fenced area, whether they saw your ad or not, they can be remarketed to
  6. We can then set a fence around your business and track how many people saw the ads and then came to your business

Here’s an example: David owns a local restaurant and he wants people within a 10-mile radius to see his ads on their mobile devices during lunch and dinner hours. Geofencing allows David to show his daily specials to these potential customers. David can also show ads to these same people at a later time through remarketing.

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