Culture & Community

There are a few things you should know about M&R and the team behind our award-winning work. Our core values drive everything we do here. And beyond that, we actually have an awesome time with each other.

At M&R, culture and community go hand in hand. If you don’t already know, we love Macon, Georgia. We believe it’s important to invest – time, talent, funds – in the city we call home.

Some Offices Have a “No Fun” Policy. Not Us.

More than 1/3 of our life is spent at work, so why shouldn’t it be fun?

We built M&R to be vibrant, exciting, and welcoming. There are often laughs reverberating throughout the office, and we believe it should be that way! As a team, we compete in an annual Office Olympics (the competition is real), have holiday parties, and enjoy monthly hangouts. We celebrate birthdays, have costume contests, and we are always looking for creative ways to have fun and enhance our strong culture.

We have a work culture built on genuinely wanting to be here – engaged and excited for what is next.

M&R Marketing team enjoying watching a baseball game


M&R Gives

Our team shares the desire to serve, and we do so in countless ways throughout our community. In 2018, we formalized our community focus by launching M&R Gives.

It all started with a promotional campaign to give back to a local organization that is very important to our community and our team. In our inaugural give, we partnered with Campus Clubs, a local after-school program for at-risk kids. Throughout each year we select a local organization to partner with, volunteer as a team with them, and organize an end-of-year donation campaign where we match $5,000.

In addition to our annual giving program, we organize quarterly volunteer days to serve a charitable organization together.

M&R Gives 2023: Jay’s HOPE

To celebrate our sixth annual M&R Gives Campaign, we’re proud to announce our 2023 partnership with Jay’s HOPE, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting children and families in their fight against pediatric cancer.

We are matching up to $2,500 in donations to support Jay’s HOPE this holiday season, and we need your help! Pediatric cancer patients and their families can experience easier treatment journeys with solid financial, social, and emotional support, and your donations help make that happen!

Past Partners

Team Volunteer Program

We are committed to maximizing our community impact, so M&R Gives includes our team volunteer program. Each team member is allotted 16 hours each year (paid!) to volunteer at an organization close to their heart.

We also have a partnership with United Way of Central Georgia to offer guidance, making sure we know of the worthy organizations that could use our time, talent, or funds.

We’d Love to See You

Our renovated, midcentury-modern office space allows us to innovate in a collaborative environment and communicate openly with our clients and each other. So, next time you are in Downtown Macon, stop by the office for a tour, chat about how our services can boost your brand, or just to say hey and grab a cup of coffee!

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