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Traditional advertising is an excellent way to drive brand awareness on a mass scale. Through billboards, radio, television, print, or direct mail, you have access to a large audience. Traditional is very effective at announcing a new product or service, an office in a new market, an upcoming event, and more.

Our traditional advertising services are full service; they include creative development, strategy for ad placement and frequency, ad buys, and reporting.

Billboard Advertising

Whether in the city core, rural areas, or the interstates, billboards serve an important role in gaining traction for your message and exposure for your brand. Due to a billboard’s limited space, it’s critical to develop strong creative that will engage the viewer’s attention quickly and easily.

Did you know …  75% of drivers notice billboards, 55% notice the message, and 42% can recall a billboard ad.

Radio Advertising

Traditional radio advertising continues to be effective. Despite the increased use of music apps like Pandora and Spotify and satellite radio, traditional AM and FM radio are still listened to by a large demographic. With a great variety of stations, radio allows you to easily target your demographic based on their listening habits.

Did you know … 93% of the U.S. is reached by AM/FM radio, Americans use AM/FM radio five days per week on average, and a Nielsen study showed a $6 return on every ad dollar spent.

Television Advertising

Americans love TV, and they spend a lot of time watching – in fact, over four hours per day. With a massive number of stations, the targeting of your core demographic can be very precise.

Did you know … 88% of the U.S. is reached by TV, 31% of the TV audience is age 12-34, and 39% is age 35-64.

Print Advertising

Magazines and newspapers are an excellent form of advertising. When a consumer has a tangible piece of literature in front of them, they are less distracted, more focused on what’s in front of them, and have a higher recall of the advertisement.

Did you know … 90% of adults and 95% under the age of 25 read print publications, the number of consumer print magazines has increased over the last eight years, and magazines are perceived to be more trustworthy than other media.

Direct Mail

With the ability to purchase highly-targeted mailing lists based on age, location, profession, business revenue, household income, household size, and much more, we can create a promotional campaign that has a focused message and a strategic number of drops. On average, direct mail has a response rate of 3.5-5.5%, making it an excellent promotional channel.

Did you know … 81% of mail recipients read or scan their mail daily and 95% of 18 to 29-year olds have a positive response to receiving mail.

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