How Can Core Values Grow Your Business

We started a new series called Grow from Within, with one basic assumption: every business has a desire to grow. As we’ve explored business growth, we’ve concluded that businesses will always look externally for growth opportunities but will rarely look internally. The goal of each article in this series is to demonstrate how an inward […]

Opening or Rebranding a Business – What Print Mate...

In today’s technology-driven world, saturating your target audience through digital platforms is a must. But, most people don’t realize the importance of using print material when opening or rebranding a business. Print material is credible, tangible, and engaging. Through print, you can increase brand recognition and saturate the physical world with information.

Opening or Rebranding a Business – What Should My...

If you likened your business to a rocket, digital platforms would be the fuel. Without an online presence, businesses hit a glass ceiling, so to speak, concerning their reach. But, by creating a professional and well-saturated online presence, your business can succeed substantially. Whether you are rebranding a business or opening a new company, you need to take advantage of digital platforms that will boost your success.

New Logo, Now What? 5 Ways to Roll Out A New Brand

Your brand is woven into the fabric of your business. From your email signature to your logo, your brand is everywhere. It helps people recognize your business, communicates your vision and mission, and much more. Choosing to rebrand your business is a huge undertaking, but it’s not impossible. With the right team of people, rebranding your business can breathe new life into your company and help you reach your goals.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About a Brand Stan...

Establishing your brand is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. Naturally, people are creatures of habit – comfort and consistency are paramount. That means, in the business world, people will continue using your products and services if your brand remains consistent and trustworthy.

7 Ways A Small Business Can Stay Proactive

You’ve heard the analogy of how large and small businesses make decisions: a large business is like a cruise ship – it carries a lot of people who don’t know each other, has all-inclusive benefits, but it can’t change directions quickly without throwing everyone into the ocean. A small business is like a speed boat […]

10 Ways to Grow Your Business Today

If you are a small business owner, you know the importance of growing your business. You also know that the responsibility falls on you and it can be a heavy burden. You’re so preoccupied with operating your business and serving your clients, you don’t have the time to work on your business. You’re spending all […]

M&R Marketing Group Selected to Create New Logo...

M&R Marketing Group was proud to be selected to design the new logos for the Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium. “The Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium are facilities with their own look, feel, function, and history,” said David Aiello, Spectra General Manager of the Macon Coliseum and Macon City Auditorium. “We wanted to […]