13 Ways Social Media Engages a B2B Audience

I can sense it – some of you read the title and have immediate doubts about social media’s impact on your B2B-focused company. So, I’ll jump right in: some sources say that social media drives more traffic to your website than search engines do.

How To Effectively Use Instagram for Your Business

With over 800 million Instagram accounts, this social media platform is an opportunity for your company to reach new clients and increase your success. To take advantage of everything this social media platform has to offer, you must go beyond merely sharing photos. Consider the following ways you can use Instagram for your business.

Opening or Rebranding a Business – What Print Mate...

In today’s technology-driven world, saturating your target audience through digital platforms is a must. But, most people don’t realize the importance of using print material when opening or rebranding a business. Print material is credible, tangible, and engaging. Through print, you can increase brand recognition and saturate the physical world with information.

Opening or Rebranding a Business – What Should My...

If you likened your business to a rocket, digital platforms would be the fuel. Without an online presence, businesses hit a glass ceiling, so to speak, concerning their reach. But, by creating a professional and well-saturated online presence, your business can succeed substantially. Whether you are rebranding a business or opening a new company, you need to take advantage of digital platforms that will boost your success.

How to Implement Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Videos have become a force to be reckoned with – a marketing tool that demands attention, captivates the audience, and produces favorable results. If video has not become a component to your marketing strategy, it’s time to start planning and budgeting for it. It won’t take long to see why videos are such a successful marketing tool.