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Are you curious about how commercial photography services can serve your marketing efforts? Want to know the inside scoop on why M&R values corporate photography so much? Interested to learn how we implement your business’s photography into your marketing plans and optimize it for the greatest impact on your audience?

Discover the answers to your questions by reading our interview with M&R’s photography lead, Matt Thielke!

1. Why Does Photography Matter So Much to a Successful Campaign or Marketing Strategy?

Photography can elevate an average marketing strategy into an excellent marketing strategy. Photos play a big role in how we process information in today’s fast-paced digital culture. By having professional, consistent photography, your brand will stand out from the competition and capture audiences’ attention.

Your brand can make a positive first impression by having high-quality, consistent, and professional photographs incorporated in your marketing materials. Whether it’s headshots, product photography, before-and-after photos, or just photos of your shop or office – excellent photos personalize your brand and make it easier for your target audience to connect with your story.

2. What Are the Types of Photography Services We Offer?

We offer comprehensive marketing photography services that can be customized to your needs. We always create a targeted strategy before going into a photoshoot, with a clear vision of how we can leverage the new images to boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Some of our photography work includes:

  • Team headshots and group shots
  • Testimonial and customer photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Product photography

3. What Are Effective Ways in Which Our Clients Can Use Their Photography?

Insightful strategy and thoughtful planning are the keys to an effective marketing photoshoot. Our team will create a plan for how to best use your new photos to create maximum impact, no matter the medium used. We often use photographs in:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Listings management
  • Social media posts
  • Digital ad campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Print materials
  • Billboards

4. How Easy Does M&R Make It to Receive Good Photography?

Our marketing specialists handle everything to ensure the photo process is as seamless as possible. We’ll help your team prepare for the photoshoot day with a best-practice guide, ensuring your team looks their best. Our team handles the following:

  • Pre-production strategy (End-use photo strategy, personalized best-practice guide for your team, shot list)
  • Scheduling logistics (Location scouting, talent hiring, photoshoot scheduling)
  • On-site strategy (On-site director, lighting, staging, photographer)
  • Photo editing (Photo touch-ups, copyrights, final images)

5. Do Our Clients Have a Lot of Say During the Process?

Step one of our pre-production strategy is an in-depth discovery meeting with our client. We cannot create an effective photography strategy without input from our client, and we take time to hear your vision, your goals, and how you’d like to use your new photos. Our trained marketers listen to your needs and create a photo strategy that digs beneath the surface, accomplishing your vision and creating a connection with your target audience.

6. What Are Some Examples of Photography We Have Done Over the Years?

We’ve built a diverse and impressive portfolio of photography that’s been proven effective for our clients. Check out some of our favorites!

To see more of what we have done for some of these clients and more, check out our case studies!

View Case Studies

Your business photography is a crucial component of your overall marketing strategy. Make sure it stands out above the rest with effective photography services from M&R. 478-621-4491

From our in-depth discovery meeting to the final images, our photography process ensures you receive appealing, eye-catching photos that capture the look and feel of your company or organization and can be used on all your marketing collateral. No matter your vision or your plan for use, we will create and execute the strategy that provides you with the shots you’ve always wanted to see.

Contact one of our business development managers today to learn more about our different corporate photography services and how each one can benefit you.

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