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Today’s market includes thousands and thousands of companies competing for the attention of potential customers. One way set yourself apart from your competitors is through the brand identity you portray. Your brand identity represents what you stand for and the values your company upholds with the goal of painting a picture of your company in the minds of potential customers. That starts with a logo. A logo is a shorthand look into your company’s brand identity. Arguably the most important element in a company’s brand identity, a logo is used to set your products and services apart from the competition.

We will discuss some important tips throughout the process of defining your brand, matching visual elements with your brand, and designing your brand’s logo.

Define Your Brand

Before designing your company’s logo, you must first define and understand what values, ideas, and attitude you want to represent and communicate to your target audience. Define what characteristics your company has that could distinguish your brand from competitors. Once you have decided on your brand direction and have defined the values, ideas, and attitude you want to portray, the next step is matching visual elements to those abstract thoughts.

Visual Elements to Match Your Brand

There is an unlimited supply of symbols and ideas to be mixed and paired together that can communicate what you are trying to say. The same set of ideas can be visually represented in several ways, so landing on the perfect one for your company is important. Using your defined brand with clear values, ideas, and attitude, think about how those translate into shapes, colors, forms, lines, or icons. Hiring a marketing team with a design department is beneficial in this stage, as they are experienced in weeding out elements of a design that are not relevant to your brand and goals.

Design Phase – Bring Your Brand to Life

Once you have decided on the visual elements you want to include, the design phase begins where all of these elements are combined to form a unified, cohesive whole – your logo. There are different types of logos – ideograph, pictograph, and logotype – that evoke different feelings and perceptions, so choose one that properly aligns with your brand.

All elements should fit together to create a cohesive design that communicates what you want to be perceived as. If not, your logo is probably going to mean different things to different people resulting in confusion, which is never productive in terms of communicating your brand.

How M&R Marketing Can Help

The M&R Marketing Group team would love to create a logo to perfectly represent your company. We will work together to bring your vision to life. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 478-621-4491. We look forward to working with you!

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