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Abbeville New Logo
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Abbeville Commissioning (ACx) is a small commissioning and engineering firm, located in South Georgia.  As the only building commissioning firm headquartered in the southern half of Georgia, their local market is expansive and includes growth areas including Savannah and the Georgia coast, Valdosta, Tifton, Columbus, and Albany.

They approached M&R Marketing with the need for a new logo and branding materials, and a new website highlighting their services, including:

  • Building commissioning
  • Engineering consultation
  • ACx Systems, a newly launched division of the company that manufactures custom-critical air conditioning systems for military and industrial clients

In their branding, ACx wanted to highlight their local roots and their faith-led, but not faith-based, approach to business. Their existing logo featured three primary visual elements besides the company name: a line drawing of the Wilcox County Courthouse from their home base of Abbeville, a stylized ruler to represent their construction oversight role, and a textual reference to a Biblical verse that represents their core values.


Our team developed a new logo, based on their existing logo, but updated to reflect a more contemporary business:

Abbeville Old Logo
Abbeville New Logo
  • The courthouse drawing was simplified to make the logo more noticeable, more easily reproduced, and more scalable.
  • The ruler element was dropped to simplify the logo.
  • The biblical reference was relocated and integrated into another design element, to put focus back on the company’s name.
  • There’s also a hidden reference in the logo – can you find it? (Answer at the end of this article)

The company also wanted a new logo to represent their new ACx Systems division:

ACx Systems Old Logo
ACx Systems New Logo


For their new website, ACx wanted a clean, modern design with large photographs and short, easily digested content blocks. Due to the extremely niche nature of their market, they were less concerned with explaining the nature of their services than with highlighting their market differentiators, since most visitors to their site would already be familiar with them and the role of a commissioning firm.

ACx wanted their site to feature simple, streamlined navigation with only a handful of simple, but impactful pages. In addition to their primary site focusing on their commissioning and engineering services, they needed a secondary homepage highlighting their new ACx Systems division.

The final site design included the desired large photos and content marked by short paragraphs, multiple headings, and bulleted lists to enhance scan-ability and legibility:

Full site layout

Additionally, M&R’s designers made effective use of engineering and architectural schematics as design elements, further conveying the sense that Abbeville Commissioning is a detail- and planning-oriented operation.

Client Reaction

“Our previous website, which was designed in-house, used restrictive software which quickly went out of date leaving us with an old design and no ability to improve. The new website, designed by M&R Marketing, has increased our professional presence online, and reinforces our high-quality commissioning and engineering services with a matched professional design. We believe this improved website is a much better reflection the excellence we provide in our services and gives potential clients confidence in our ability.” – Maggie Shedd, Abbeville Commissioning

Hidden Reference

Look at the image of the clock tower in the logo: the hands are set to 4:11 – or, 16:11 in military time, a reference to the company’s selected Bible reference, Proverbs 16:11.

Hidden Reference in new logo

Aren’t our designers clever?

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