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logo redesign
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In the last blog article, we discussed how to know when it is time for you to redesign your brand’s logo. Some of those reasons include a change in the scope of services you offer, a shift in your business focus, or just simply having an extremely outdated look. Here, we’ll dive into how you should approach a logo redesign by asking yourself the right questions and considering how the change will affect your audience and age with time.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Redesigning Your Logo

For an effective logo redesign, you should have clear answers to each of these questions, and if not, you might not need a logo redesign!

Why does my logo need redesigning?

If your answer is “it just needs to” or “it’s been too long,” you might need to rethink a redesign. Ensure you can answer why you’re redesigning your logo first to know what the goal for the end design is.

What elements of my logo should I keep, and why?

Most of the time, a logo doesn’t need a full redesign. Some elements can be carried over for a logo refresh. If your brand has an outdated logo, but your focus is the same, elements might be carried over into your new logo design, especially if they have proven effective in the past.

Which elements of my logo do my customers associate with my brand?

Do you have a specific aspect of your logo that you know customers recognize and associate with your brand? If you’re going to lose brand recognition from a logo redesign, it might be better to keep that recognizable element.

Consider This…

Digital and Social Media Shock

Your customers are used to seeing your logo on your website, social media accounts, and all other digital forms of your brand. A new logo abruptly being switched out can confuse and intimidate customers, turning them away from your brand or directly to another brand you compete with. Having a strategy for your logo redesign and launch is important to get ahead of any shock your customers might undergo after a logo redesign.

Logo Integration

Your logo is used in just about every case your brand is mentioned or has a presence. Before deciding to redesign your logo, make sure it can be seamlessly integrated into each current use of your logo as well as be adaptable to future uses.

Trendy Today, Out Tomorrow

It is easy to hop on the design bandwagon and utilize the latest trends to make your logo stand out. But if it’s a trend, will it really make your brand stand out? Probably not – especially if your industry is saturated with similar designs. Furthermore, trends are called what they are for a reason – they are subject to change. A popular typeface or graphic style might be a trending aesthetic at the time, but what about one, five, or ten years down the road? You won’t want to pay for another logo redesign as soon as trends shift. Design a logo that’s effective and eye catching, but one that can also stand the test of time.

How M&R Can Help

Our team of creatives will guide you through every stage of the logo redesign process. We will make sure your brand is represented in a way that speaks to who you are and connects with your target audience. If you’re unsure where to start with your logo redesign, reach out to M&R and we’ll offer our insight!

Be sure to check back on our blog to learn about M&R’s process for logo redesign!

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