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Your logo is someone’s first impression of your organization. Your target market will judge the quality of your organization solely based on the quality of your logo. It’s important to understand the benefits of an eye-catching, professionally designed logo that reveals your brand identity and sets your brand up for success. By combining typography, colors, shapes and forms, and lines, logo design directly reflects your brand identity. Your logo says a lot about your brand; taking the time and investing the money to create the perfect logo is well worth it.

Your Logo Should Communicate Value

Your logo design should reveal the perceived value of your company and should entice your target audience to make a decision about your company – preferrable a positive one. Your logo should directly represent the value you bring to your customers. Would you inherently trust a company whose logo looks like it was made from pieced together clip art? We sure wouldn’t.

A logo’s purpose goes beyond just appearance. Your logo will give your viewers a feel for your company. For instance, is your company youthful, fun, and energetic? Or, is your company serious, scholarly, and deep? In both instances, your logo should portray the essence of your company. What your logo communicates to the viewer will help them associate the attributes of your company with your products and services.

Your Logo Should Demonstrate Unity

A quality logo design is important. Your logo needs to be designed with the assumption that it will be used across multiple platforms and mediums. Uniting your brand and presenting your audience with a cohesive brand identity all starts with a logo design that can be used anywhere. Your logo should be used on everything you want branded so your audience can easily connect a business card with a billboard they see on the side of the highway.

Your Logo Should Be Recognizable

A logo should be easily recognizable and cohesive across all materials and platforms. Consistently putting your professionally designed logo in front of your audience will allow them to get more familiar with your brand. In addition, being cohesive in your logo usage reinforces your brand identity to your audience and learn to trust you and the level of service you provide.

Your Logo Should Stand Out From the Crowd

Set your brand apart from the competition with a quality logo design. You don’t want to blend in with the thousands and thousands of logo designs out there, and you definitely don’t want to be mistaken for one of the brands with a less than appealing design. A quick Google image search will reveal that companies within the same industries tend to stick with the same few icons and styles, resulting in very similar logo designs. Thinking outside of the box will differentiate your brand from the competition and present your brand identity as unique and valuable.

How M&R Can Help with Logo Design

Our team would love to help you communicate your brand identity through a quality logo design. We will work together to bring your vision to life. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 478-621-4491. We look forward to working with you!

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