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If you’re marketing correctly, your logo should be on everything—digital ads, social media ads, social media pages, business stationery, company signage, swag items—wherever your company name appears, your logo should be there, too.

If you’ve had the same logo for a long time, you may think a redesign is not worth the hassle of choosing a new logo and updating everything that displays your current one. However, there are significant benefits to changing up your existing logo if the circumstances call for it.

Today, we’re looking at three benefits you can experience by redesigning your company’s logo.

Benefit #1: A Redesign Is a Sign of Growth

There are thousands upon thousands of companies, mainly small to midsize businesses, who have never updated their logos since they first created one in their early days. Logo redesigns are common and necessary for large, nationally recognized brands, but many small business owners view it as unnecessary or even harmful to their marketing efforts. The most common argument is that a logo redesign will throw audiences off and undo all the work these businesses have put in to build their brand.

At the base of that argument and those similar to it is fear—fear of change, failure, the unknown. Fearing that a logo redesign might not go over very well is normal, but the ability to show company growth and modernization through something as visual as the logo should outweigh the fear of it not going well, especially if you partner with design pros who understand the value and importance of a logo.

Audiences want to see growth in a company. They want to know that the company they are considering using is reliable but modern, not one that relies on outdated methods or traditions. A company with branding elements that have not been touched in decades risks telling its audience, “We are stuck in the ways of the past, and we refuse to budge.”

However, a well-done logo redesign will likely tell audiences, “We are still true to our core values, but we are also able to grow, adapt, and change to our environment and our audiences’ needs.”

Benefit #2: Audiences Will See You as a Modern-Day Contender

Regarding the importance of showing growth, companies must communicate to audiences that they are viable contenders in their industries or verticals. More than that, they need to tell audiences, “We are THE company to go with, not our competitors.”

Your branding visuals can be the key factor in whether you will communicate such a message to your audience. If people, especially potential customers, encounter an old, tired logo that dates your company and says, “We haven’t changed since day one,” they might not view your company as one to pursue. However, a logo redesign that features more contemporary elements and an overall look that carries you into today’s branding climate can help you gain more customers and convince existing customers to keep choosing you.

Benefit #3: You’ll Recapture Your Audience’s Attention

When do you usually notice a coworker’s hair? The day after they get a haircut or the day they style it differently, right? When do you take note of your neighbor’s driveway? Probably the day after they pressure wash it. People get used to how an item or object looks when exposed to it long enough, and they’ll stop taking notice since they already know what it looks like. Changing an object’s appearance forces those same people to do a doubletake and study it to discover what is new about it.

The same thing happens with branding. Consumers get used to a logo that has existed for a long time. Overexposure to the same logomark, wordmark, and brand colors can cause people to glaze over the branding they have seen day after day or year after year. However, a redesign jolts people awake. It forces your audience to look longer at your new logo to find the elements that are different and the ones that are the same.

Maybe your new logo still features the brand colors everyone loves and remembers, but your logomark and wordmark are now updated to show a more modern design. Or maybe your wordmark is the same, but your colors and logomark are new.

With a quality redesign, your audience and customers will notice your branding more, increasing the likelihood that your name will spring to mind whenever they need the goods or services you offer.

If It’s Time to Strengthen Your Company’s Logo with a Redesign, Talk to the Design Pros at M&R Marketing! Call Us at 478-621-4491.

Our team is full of in-house branding experts who know the importance of a solid company logo that reflects your business. Our graphic designers have redesigned logos for companies across Georgia and the southeast and can help you boost business with a fresh, updated look. To start the logo redesign process, contact one of our friendly account managers today.

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