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First impressions matter, both in life and in business. When it comes to making a great one, your logo can be an ally or an enemy. Your logo serves as the core of your brand and all other aspects of your design follow its lead. Our team of award-winning, in-house designers work hard to understand your business and your target market and utilize this information to create a brand that is an excellent representation of you.

Our Logo Process

  1. Brainstorm: we meet with your team to discuss the vision and direction for your new logo
  2. Design: once our design team has a good understanding of your vision, they will begin crafting concepts and designs
  3. Review: we offer multiple rounds of logo designs and at the end of each, we seek your feedback and adjust as necessary
  4. Final Design: once we have narrowed your favorite logos down to a few designs, we will assist you in choosing a logo, which may include focus groups and surveys
  5. Package: we will package your final logo with all design files and color variations

Additional Logo Design Components

Color Palette

While working on your logo design, it’s important to also establish your brand colors, which will be used throughout all your marketing. Your palette is composed of actual color formulas to ensure consistent color matching across digital and print pieces.


We will establish complementary typeface families for you to consider. These typefaces will be used for the headings and body fonts on your print and digital pieces.

Our team is available for a branding consultation. Contact us today!

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Our Commitment to You

You should know something. Our creative, strategic work comes with a commitment that we take very seriously: our entire team is obsessed with the success of your brand and will serve as a non-biased partner for the growth of your company. Here’s why that commitment matters.