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Branding. What is it? Think Nike…I bet you’re thinking about the Nike swoosh and the phrase Just Do It. In a nutshell, that’s branding. Let’s talk about why branding is important before we delve into the pieces of the branding puzzle. Thousands of businesses are started every year and over the course of ten years, only 30% of them will actually succeed (source).

There are many factors that contribute to this but one major factor is bad branding, or no branding at all. As a brand, you have one shot to tell the consumer who you are and how your product or service will better his/her life.

Here is how to make your one shot count!


Branding is twofold. The design aspect is the visual representation of your organization in the consumer’s mind. As humans, we think and remember in visual snapshots. Your logo, color palette, and any other images allow your consumer to think about you and remember you.

Logo Design
There are different types of logos, but all logos contain either a symbol and/or the name of the organization. Apple is a good example of a Pictoral Mark logo. This type of logo uses literal or representative imagery to symbolize the brand. When choosing your logo, your goal should be to visually capture the essence of your brand.

Color Palette and Images
Brands should also maintain a certain level of consistency when using colors. For example, Apple typically uses bright shades of green, pink, yellow, and blue. Images can also be associated with brands. When you see these dancing silhouettes you immediately think Apple. Consistency is key!


Your Message is the other side of the branding puzzle. It’s what communicates who you are, your commitments, and your purpose. As you maintain a consistent message your consumer will become familiar and comfortable with your organization, which leads to market retention.

Mission Statement
A Mission Statement is a short summary consisting of one or more sentences highlighting the value propositions of the organization. Let’s revisit Nike. Their mission statement is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Nike’s commitment is to athletes; their purpose is to inspire and innovate. In one sentence that tell us who they are and what their purpose is.

Vision Statement
A Vision Statement is a summary of the Mission Statement. It is a short and catchy phrase that embodies the organization. Nike’s vision statement is Just Do It.
In three words they communicate that their products open the door for limitless possibilities.

Maintaining Integrity

The last step in the branding process is to ensure the integrity of your brand from its inception. As you engage different markets, it is easy for the brand to become diluted and inconsistent. This is especially true as you use various advertising channels. As a marketing company one of our main goals is to ensure brand consistency across all channels for our clients. Our Standards Guide is a key element in this process. Visit our branding page to learn more.

The nature of business is competitive. When your organization introduces itself to the consumer make it count! If you would like an evaluation of your brand contact us here.

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