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Your brand is one of your company’s most important assets and it can take years to establish. Your brand is how consumers instantly differentiate your company from the competition, and it’s one of the reasons they continue to use your products or services.

So it’s critical that your brand is consistently represented in print and online. To become a brand consumers trust, your website and social platforms should stay up to date, and you should use every possible method to extend the reach of your brand.

When you see the Apple logo, you probably think of iPhones, MacBooks, or other Apple products. You might also think of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook or, more importantly, a commitment to innovation.

Your brand is the essence of your company. It represents not only your products and services, but also your values and mission. Your brand is how customers instantly differentiate your company from the competition, and it’s one of the reasons they continue to use your products or services.

Apple didn’t attain its brand recognition overnight. It took time, effort, and a lot of brand management. Today, we’re going to talk about extending the reach of your brand and consistently representing it online.


Your branding is about more than your design, though many focus the majority of their efforts here. Your messaging is equally important – in fact, I’d value it higher than design. Your messaging will include your mission statement, vision statement, and value propositions to start off. Your messaging will keep your team on the same page, offer inspiration, and engage your clients.


Potential clients are wary of companies with outdated websites. And we’re not just talking about your website’s look—we’re talking about its content. Ensure your calendar is up-to-date, post photos of your most recent event, blog about your industry, and make sure company information stays updated. To manage your brand, you have to manage your website.


Search Engine Optimization is a great way to extend the reach of your brand. The concept is easy: the higher you place in search engine rankings, the more people will find your company. But, the work is hard and it involves writing fresh content, submitting sitemaps, and adding reputable back links. But the reward for all that work definitely pays off.


Sometimes, the best way to reach new clients is to use search engine marketing, or purchasing ad space on search engines. To get the most out of SEM, figure out which keywords potential clients would use to search for your services, conduct A-B ad testing, make sure your website is current, and monitor web traffic reports.

Social Media

We can’t overstate the importance of social media. An active social media account is one of the best ways to extend the reach of your brand and ensure brand recognition. The only catch is that you have to set a strategy, be consistent, and post multiple times each week.

Other critical aspects of managing your brand include reputation monitoring, promotional campaigns, and studying the returns on your investments. Maintaining the reach and consistency of your brand takes a lot of hard work, but the increase in clients and revenue are worth it.

Don’t have time to keep track of everything? We get it. That’s why we’re here to provide brand management for you. Let us do all the work so you can reap the rewards. Contact us to learn more.

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