Brand Management

Just as important as establishing your brand is managing your brand. You’ve worked hard to create a message and look that embodies who you are as a company. Managing your brand is what maintains consistency and also extends your brand to the community. We believe that introducing your brand to the market should be a relational activity, where they truly get to know who you are, what you stand for, and the solutions you provide.

When you hire M&R for brand management, you get an entire team of creative, passionate, insightful thinkers united in cause for the success of your brand. Envision anything you’d love to do to promote your brand, then picture us handling every single detail for you.

We are very pleased by M&R’s work on the BTV Systems brand. From a sleek and impressive website to a variety of professional, high-quality print materials, we’re proud to say that our branding matches the level of excellence with which we seek to serve our clients’ security needs. Their brand management services ensure we keep all of our platforms up to date and current.

Jimmy Shepard
President, BTV Systems

Offering Full Digital Brand Management & Reporting

You’re busy, we get that, and understandably your attention is not always focused on your online appearance. Our digital brand management services ensure your platforms stay up to date, are properly monitored for activity, and continue employing the most effective practices to increase your visibility.

Website Management

We built it, so we know how (and have the time) to manage it – adding images to your photo gallery, updating calendar entries, posting articles, creating and adding graphics and content, and anything in between.

Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of SEO work that occurs during the build of a website, but the ongoing work is just as important. Our SEO management services focus on developing fresh content (our Copywriter is amazing), adding on-page SEO practices to all new pages, submitting sitemaps, and adding reputable back links.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing requires ongoing support in order to maximize the success of the campaign, including work with keywords, A-B ad testing, landing page revisions, weekly monitoring, reports, and more. Proper management with Google AdWords and the Yahoo/Bing network can decrease price per click charges, improve ad placement, and more.

Social Media Management

It’s not uncommon for a social media platform to go dormant – it’s just not a priority for a lot of business owners, although statistics say it should be. Our social media management services include posting up to 7 days a week, creating custom graphics, monitoring and responding to all activity, and integrating your platforms with the content on your website. Whether your company is social on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or Youtube, we’re here to help.

Reputation Management

As you expand your presence online, it’s important that your brand is monitored. Our reputation management services ensure that you have safe and proper growth by monitoring review sites, search engines, directories, social media, blogs, and more.

Custom Reporting

In order to fully utilize your digital services, it’s important to regularly view traffic reporting. This data offers valuable insights into the performance of your website, SEO, SEM, and social media. We offer a customized dashboard which delivers graph-based reporting on all of your key metrics. Included with our monthly reporting package is analysis, helping you understand what all the numbers mean.

Our brand management

  • Saves you time
  • Expands your team
  • Offers access to new resources
  • Makes marketing your brand easier
  • Provides complete consistency
  • Keeps your conversation relevant

Creating Promotional Campaigns

An important aspect of your company’s growth is placing your brand in front of your target market through a promotional campaign. Creating a promotional campaign involves multiple steps, all focused on extending your brand to the correct market.

At M&R, we believe that relationships are a catalyst for ideas, progress, and impact, which is why our advertising campaigns are relational at their core. In addition to comprehensively managing all media buys, our campaigns are based on the unique solutions we produce to engage your market.

We thrive on using our talents and expertise to propel your brand forward and provide solutions for the challenges you face. Whatever it is you need, we will pour ourselves into finding a way to make it happen.

Situational Analysis

Before we begin work on a campaign for you, we will get to know you – your brand, your purpose, your services, and your target market. We’ll also discuss your marketing efforts in the past and learn what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

Marketing Goals

In order to properly develop and initiate a promotional campaign, we will determine the goals for your campaign. Whether it’s greater brand recognition, introduction of a new service or product, penetration into a new market segment, or an increase in revenue, we’ll go into the campaign development with a firm grasp on your company’s goals.

Target Market Identification

Our advertising campaigns are designed to reach certain people. We’re not exclusive, just specific, which makes your message as impactful as possible. We study the identity of your clients and determine the profile of your target market in order to craft a message that will produce results without being lost on the masses.

Message Development

Developing a campaign message will consider the specific market for the campaign as well as your current branding. The campaign message will serve to both compliment and narrow in on a specific aspect of your brand message.

Promotional Channels

The goal, market, and message will all determine the best promotional channels to pursue in order to promote the campaign. Whether print, digital, or a combination of the two, we will focus on the platforms that most closely align with your goals.

Creative Development

Developing the creative portion of your campaign is where everything comes together and the vision begins to take root. We firmly believe that not all ideas are created equal, and we’ll pour over your brand and market to produce exceptional work.

Define and Manage Budget

Unfortunately, we can’t get started without a budget. We will help you determine a budget and manage it through the life of the campaign.

To learn more about M&R Marketing Group’s branding services, please contact us here. And while you wait the few minutes it takes for us to return your call, explore our case studies to view our branding portfolio.