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Your logo is the focal point of your brand, and that includes both your design and colors. Most companies choose to include color in their logo because color evokes emotion. Before a client reads what your logo says, they can determine your industry based on your logo’s colors. For example, red is often used for hospitals and emergency care centers because red symbolizes urgency. Many banks use blue in their logo because it symbolizes security, safety, and calmness – three emotions you want to feel when dealing with finances. Since color has such a profound purpose, it must be used with careful intention. Why? Because your logo’s color establishes who you are and your purpose before your customers get to know you.

Before deciding on your color scheme, you must think through what feelings you want to evoke from your clients when they see your logo. Because colors can create certain feelings, it’s important for colors to be paired correctly to the associated industry. If your color palette clashes or does not accurately represent your industry, the colors may produce negative emotions and cause your potential client to seek services elsewhere.

The Importance of Logo & Color Choices in Marketing

When you team with M&R Marketing Group to create your logo, you are taking the first step to define your company’s purpose and brand. Your logo and color palette can be viewed as your official starting point. These brand elements should branch out into all your marketing material such as print, digital, website, social media, and more. When you place your logo and colors on everything associated with your business, you create consistency. In turn, this consistency increases trustworthiness, loyalty, and confidence in your customers. It helps establish and maintain the authenticity and purpose of your company, and customers sense that.

How Your Logo & Color Choices Add Value to Your Business

In addition to how your color palette makes your customers feel and how consistency increases their trust in your brand, having a well-defined logo and color palette can increase your customer base significantly. When you brand your logo and color choices with precision and expertise, your clients and potential clients can attach themselves to your business with confidence.

Consider Target and Starbucks – two multi-billion-dollar companies that have perfected their logos and color usage. Both companies have spent decades placing their logos on every piece of marketing material they distribute. Because of this, you don’t have to be told that a red and white bullseye represents Target. And, when you see a cup with a green and white mermaid on it, you don’t have to be told it’s Starbucks. These companies are known worldwide, thanks to their intentional and consistent logo usage.

(Did you know? Starbucks has simplified its logo so much in the past 40 years that now it doesn’t even use the name of the company in its logo. They know that people will recognize their logo and color palette without the company’s name attached.)

How M&R Marketing Group Can Help with Your Logo Design

Now that you know how incredibly beneficial your logo design and color palette can be to your business, it’s important to choose a group of people who are as passionate as you are to achieve success. We thrive when you thrive. That’s why our graphic designers spend countless hours researching, brainstorming, creating, and developing a logo design that exceeds your expectations. Are you ready to get started? Shoot us an email at !