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Regardless of your marketing goals for your business, there are numerous options to reach these goals. While certain digital channels are right for virtually every business, such as a website, others serve more unique purposes. We’ve put together some of the primary channels you should consider for your company’s marketing efforts.


The organic traffic (traffic that hasn’t been paid for) derived from search engine optimization (SEO) is the bread and butter of any business’s digital efforts, with the primary source of this being your website. In 2020, a quality website with SEO-optimized content is an absolute must. Your website’s content is what helps potential leads find your business – search engines will crawl your site to determine how relevant your content is, leading to a rank. Although it can take time, good SEO is crucial for getting to the first page of Google and other search engines.

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PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is among the fastest growing digital advertising channels with platforms like Google and Bing. PPC platforms allow businesses to pay for ads to show up on search engines and various websites across the internet. Whether your company sells products or offers services, PPC advertising is among the most popular modern ways to increase leads and sales, and it can be effective in many industries.

Social Media

Like a website, social media can benefit any business, especially if you’re looking to personalize your brand and endear it to customers. Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks offer unique opportunities to interact with followers of your brand and define your brand’s voice. The utility of social media will differ, for example, between a national clothing brand and a local attorney’s office – the national brand may use social media to share sales, upcoming styles, and giveaways while the attorney may take a more reserved approach by sharing service info, community service efforts, and firm recognitions. Regardless, social media channels are worth strongly considering for your company. (Take a look at this intriguing blog to discover which social media platform is best for your business.)

Email Marketing

Despite what some people may tell you, email marketing is not dead. The email inbox is one place you can be sure your customers will check on a daily basis – many times a day for most. This makes it the perfect venue for marketing. Email marketing allows you to be extremely targeted while offering exclusive promos, building brand awareness, and solidifying your brand in people’s minds. It’s a very direct way of obtaining new leads, but one of its greatest strengths is in helping you retain customers.

There are so many digital marketing channels and opportunities in 2020 that it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s right for your company. Each of these channels can be a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. At M&R Marketing, our team can help you select the channels that work best for your goals, then we’ll help you achieve those goals!

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