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Facebook advertising
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Facebook ads are taking the digital world by storm, reaching an estimated 2.14 billion people in Q4 of 2020. Let’s take a look at a few more statistics from Hootsuite, a social media management company:

  • 47% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from the U.S. and Canada.
  • An average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month.
  • The average price for an ad decreased 9% in Q3 2020.
  • Women click on more ads (15 per month) than men do (10).

You must take advantage of Facebook ads to maximize the success of your company! It starts with great copy and the right image. Let us highlight how to write great Facebook ad copy and how to choose the perfect Facebook ad image:

How to Write Great Facebook Ad Copy

There are two places you can apply copy in a Facebook ad – the ad itself and the caption. In the ad itself, it is best practice to keep it between 3 and 7 words. Facebook used to have a strict 20% text rule. This means that your text within the Facebook ad could be no more than 20% of your entire ad space. This helped it perform better and not overwhelm the reader. Today, that rule is not so strict, but it is good to adhere to it. The copy on the ad itself should sum up the point of your caption.

For example, if you’re a marketing agency in Macon, Georgia, that creates stunning and diverse websites, your ad copy could say, “Advanced Website Solutions, From Informational to E-Commerce.” Your caption can provide more detail, but it’s important to keep your caption short as well. To avoid your reader from having to click “see more” in the caption, limit your caption to 1-2 sentences.

For example, your caption could be, “We offer a variety of advanced website solutions to meet your unique business needs. Discover what we can do for you!” Do you see how the caption and ad copy in the example complement each other? They are addressing the same thing, but the caption goes one step further by encouraging the reader to act (by using the word discover).

The viewer can act on the ad by clicking on the custom button you chose during creation of the ad. Upon clicking, the reader will be taken to a pre-determined webpage to give them more information about your ad.

Now that you know what length is sufficient for ad copy and caption content, let’s address how to write great content. A great guideline to use is the copywriting formula, AIDA:

  • Attention – Demand their attention with intriguing ad copy. Remember, clear and concise is best.
  • Interest – Maximize their interest by including important, noteworthy details of your product/service.
  • Desire – Generate desire for your product/service by offering a promotion, if applicable.
  • Action – Always include a call-to-action so the viewer can act on your ad.

Take some time to practice writing ad copy and captions that fit at least 3 out of the 4 suggestions above in the formula. (A promotion/giveaway isn’t always applicable.)

How to Choose the Perfect Facebook Ad Image

Now that we’ve told you how to write Facebook ad copy that will entice the reader to click on your ad, we’ll introduce the kicker. If you don’t use the right image in your Facebook ad, users won’t bother reading your content. This is due to Facebook’s scrolling feature. People use their mouse or thumb to scroll through their newsfeed. They stop scrolling when they see something interesting. They won’t read every single Facebook status update or look at every picture. But they will stop when they see something that catches their eye, hence the need for the perfect Facebook ad image. Here are a few tips on how to choose a catchy Facebook ad image:

1. High-Quality Images Are Non-Negotiable

Blurry, low-resolution photos will not only be an eye sore, but could cause the viewer to think negatively of your company. If you are okay with a mediocre ad, they may expect mediocre products and services.

2. Use People-Centric Images that Reflect Your Target Audience

People-centric images are golden, as long as they’re relatable and reflect your target audience. If you can use images of your own staff or patients/customers (with their permission), great! But if not, stock images are fine to use, given they are high-quality and relatable to your target audience.

3. Choose the Right Typography

On the image itself, your graphic designer can write Facebook ad copy as an extension of your caption. Many times, your viewer will read this copy before the caption, so it’s important that it’s pleasing to the eye and entices your viewer to click on the ad. Make sure the typography is easy to read, the right color, and doesn’t overcrowd the image.

Implementing these three best practices can help you find the perfect Facebook ad image and put you in a good position to have your target audience act on your ad.

Partner with M&R Marketing for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns!

If your company doesn’t have a digital strategist who can write intriguing copy or a graphic designer who can choose the right image, it may be best to partner with a marketing company for your Facebook ad needs. If you’re interested in running Facebook ads and need a team of professionals to do it for you, give us a call. We want to hear your goals and create an ad campaign for you that can help you meet that goal! Talk to us today about your social needs: 478-621-4491

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