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If you’re looking for a new way to saturate your target area and reach your target audience, search engine marketing is an incredible resource for you to use. It’s no surprise that billions of dollars are spent each year on search engine marketing. From small-town restaurants to large retail corporations, pay-per-click advertisements have shown an incredible return on investment. Pay per click is a very successful advertising model that directs traffic to websites. Many businesses like this model because the advertiser is only charged when the ad is clicked.

There are different types of campaigns and categories you can choose from within search engine marketing. Discover the details of search engine marketing, how you can maximize your profit, and how to reach the most people:

Search Network Campaign vs. Display Network Campaign

Inside of Google AdWords, there are multiple types of campaigns available for you to use. The two most common campaigns are search network campaign and display network campaign. The search network campaign is a text ad that you see in Google search results when you type in a phrase. The search network campaigns are great because the ads are triggered by keywords or key phrases. You can show your ad to customers in the very moment they are looking for your services. When we set up your campaign, the ads that we write will trigger to show in the search results. Do you have several services you’d like to make known to your target audience? We can set up search network campaigns to run for every different type of service that you offer! When your potential customer clicks on the ad, they will be sent to a very relevant landing page. Overall, through search network campaigns, your company has the opportunity to be an option for a potential client when they make relevant searches.

Display network campaigns are set up very differently from search network campaigns because they target different people. They are not based on specific keywords, but rather through the specific targeting methods we can control. Display network campaigns show on Google’s display network. This network is comprised of over two million partner websites that have united with Google to show ads on their websites. These ads look very different than search network campaign ads. They use attractive images, font colors, headlines, and much more. These ads are triggered when they align with very specific categories on Google’s display network. Additionally, you can also target specific audiences who browse specific websites.

We recommend using both network campaigns because you will reach more of your target audience. By using both campaigns, your ads are being shown to potential customers in different ways. This increases your saturation and allows for more opportunity to gain business.

YouTube Ads

In today’s world, videos are one of the leading ways to advertise and hold your viewer’s attention. This is why introducing a video campaign to your marketing strategy is a decision that will undoubtedly increase your company’s success.

By using your videos, we can create an advertising campaign that will show on the websites that are part of Google’s display network. These ads can also be seen on YouTube before a video plays. We can choose specific targeting for your video campaign, such as videos a young mom may be interested in or those that may interest a DIY male. This is very valuable because you can rest assured knowing that the money spent in your AdWords campaign is enabling ads to reach a specific audience.

Additionally, videos ads are seeing an extremely low cost per view and a great click through rate. A cost per view is how much your AdWords campaign is charged when a single viewer watches your ad. The click through rate is how often someone clicks on your ad based on the number of times it was shown. Because of these factors, showing your ads on a video campaign right now will be very successful.


Most people don’t buy an item the first time they look at it. They may want to compare prices, conduct more research, think about it for a couple days, or other reasons. But, it’s important that they are reminded of the product or service. When companies do this, it is called retargeting or remarketing.

Through a specific AdWords campaign, we will be able to show your ads to the customer once they’ve been on your website. By using a tracking code on your website, your AdWords campaign will know what product or service interested them. Then, your specific AdWords campaign will show up on other sites they are searching as an advertisement. This reminds them of the product and subconsciously encourages them to make a purchase. This has proven to be extremely successful and allows for a potential customer to turn into a loyal customer.

Call extensions

One of the most important aspects to a potential customer is your company’s availability. If they need questions answered or want to make a phone sale, it’s vital that they can easily call you. Fortunately, through AdWords, you can add a call extension to your search network ads. Basically, when your ad shows up for your business, your phone number will show alongside it. But, we know that you don’t want people calling if there is no one in the office to take the call. So, we can schedule the call extension to only show when your business is open so that you never miss a call.

Additionally, you can learn incredible insight about the calls you receive. Google can tell you what time of day the call came in, how long the call lasted, the area code, the keyword that is associated with the call, and more. Call extensions are very beneficial to your ads and AdWords campaigns because call extensions typically drive a lot of calls to the business. It’s a measurable item that shows if your ads are working. This can evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

How M&R Marketing Group Can Help

To increase your company’s success, it’s vital to put your information on AdWords campaigns. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate these marketing waters alone. M&R Marketing Group has multiple search engine marketing specialists who are AdWords partner certified. They spend countless hours each week determining how to help your campaign reach the most people. Are you ready to take the leap? Shoot us an email at to get started!