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google remarketing
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In parts one and two of our Google Ads 101 series, we discussed the unique advantages of the search network and display network. In this final part of the Google Ads series, we’ll cover Remarketing Ads, a powerful tool offered on the Google Display Network. Topics covered in this series are:

For those unfamiliar, remarketing ads work by installing code on your website that captures information of your website visitors and builds a list that you can then serve unique ads to.

Boost Brand Awareness

One of the strongest benefits of the Display Network as a whole is that it puts your brand in front of a large number of eyes. Remarketing ads up the ante for branding however, because you can be certain that all those who view or click your remarketing ads have previously interacted with your business. Your remarketing ads are a viewer’s second, third, or fourth impression of your brand, allowing you to cement yourself in the minds of your potential customers.

Incredibly Specific Targeting

Remarketing gives users numerous options to be as broad or as targeted as they want. If your primary business is based on an overarching service, you can easily set up ads to be served to all of your recent website traffic. However, if you have multiple services of products that appeal to a variety of consumers, you can target specific page visitors, people who reached the shopping cart, and more. This laser-focused targeting also allows you to create ads that speak directly to the consumer based on what they’ve viewed.

Increase Your Conversions

Regular display ads are fantastic for building brand awareness and may lead to some conversions. But, for most consumers, it takes several encounters with a brand before making a purchase. That’s where remarketing ads come in – they keep your brand fresh in the mind, continuing to encourage a purchase. By boosting your brand’s visibility and allowing you to create tailored ads for your audience, a remarketing campaign can net you far more conversions than your regular display campaigns.

Affordable Clicks

In our previous entries in this series, we discussed the pricing of clicks for both the search and display networks. Remarketing ads, while being more focused on conversions, like search ads, are generally very affordable. In fact, most remarketing ad clicks are under a dollar, making them an incredible value. You’ll continue to get plenty of impressions (which cost you nothing) to boost awareness, and the clicks you do receive are virtually guaranteed to be people who are sincerely interested in your products or services.

Fewer Wasted Clicks

Something both search and display ads suffer from is the possibility of wasted clicks. Many internet users don’t pay enough attention to the ads that populate when they perform a Google search or are viewing a web page. When a user clicks your ad and goes to a landing page containing a remarketing code, they’re automatically added to that remarketing list. While some of these will be accidental clickers, the chances of them clicking again are significantly decreased. Likewise, those who clicked and have real interest in your brand are far more likely to click again.

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of everything Google Ads has to offer, setting up your account is easy. Google provides a helpful sign up resource so you can get your campaigns running as quickly as possible. If you don’t have the time to set up or run your account, M&R Marketing specializes in Google Ads. We are an experienced Google Partner with multiple certified users, and we’re ready to help you begin benefiting from Google Ads.

M&R can help you take your marketing to the next level – call us today at 478-621-4491 or drop us a line!