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Oh, the illusive first page of Google. It’s the goal of all businesses and organizations to have their website listed on Google’s first page when consumers search for services they offer. With a content-focused Search Engine Optimization strategy, your website can climb the ranks on Google, but these services are more of a long-range focus and can take time.

But what if you needed to be on the first page of Google yesterday? Well, we can help you be there tomorrow.

Google AdWords is your ticket to the first page of Google.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords allows you to purchase ad space on Google search results for your business. It’s like purchasing an ad in the phone book, except you’re purchasing it on Google. 95% of Google’s annual revenue, which is over $50B, is derived from advertising channels.

If you haven’t noticed before when performing a Google search, there are ads listed along the top and right side of the search results page. The small yellow button in front notifies the reader it is a paid ad.

Google AdWords is an incredibly popular form of advertising. Here are some usage stats:

  • 1.2 million businesses use Google AdWords
  • In 2014, 72% of Google AdWords advertisers plan to increase their budget
  • Google ads are viewed 6 billion times each day across the world

So, How Does It Work?

Well, here’s the very short version of how a Google AdWords campaign works:

  • We research the words and phrases that are most popular and relevant to your industry and your services.
  • We create a list of 20-30 words that best represent your company and would be most beneficial for you to appear on the first page when those words are searched.
  • We write ads about your company, services, and promotions
  • We decide where the ads should be seen – targeting a specific state, city, or even zip code
  • We bid against other advertisers to have your ad show up when someone searches for one of the words we’ve selected
  • Your ad shows up on page one, the consumer clicks on the ad, and visits your website
  • You have a lead!
  • You receive a monthly report detailing the number of clicks you received, the cost per click, the average position of your ad on Google, and more

A well-structured and managed campaign will have you on the first page within hours of launching, and keep you there.

There’s a lot of ongoing management, but we will handle all of that for you.

Why Should You Use Google AdWords?

Highly Targeted
You decide the words, geographical area, and budget, and you’re only charged if someone clicks on the ad.

Defined Budget
You decide how much to spend and you’ll never go over budget.

Remarkably Flexible
Customizable in every way – shift your budget, pop up in a new location, or pause if necessary – all within minutes.

Strong Return on Investment
The Pay Per Click (PPC) model, combined with specific targeting, typically creates a much higher return on investment.

Instant Traffic
You can be on the first page within hours of the campaign launching, creating instant traffic to your website.

Measurable Results
Each month you’ll receive hard data reporting on your results.

Ready to Get Started?

Google AdWords is an excellent form of advertising. We use it for our business and create and manage campaigns for many of our clients. Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google AdWords. Online advertising has a 54% success rate at generating leads, compared to just 1% with TV. For all of the reasons we’ve listed above, we strongly recommend Google AdWords. If you’d like to learn more about how this will work for your business, give us a call today. We’ll let you know how many people are searching online for your services each month in your area.

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