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Whether you are a new business and you’re just getting your feet wet in the advertising world or you are a seasoned brand that is looking to expand into a new market or grow the one you’re in now, SEM is a tool you’ll want to utilize. By targeting people most likely to convert with the topics you want to focus on, you have the opportunity to control the information you’re putting in front of your most valuable leads.

Here are a few other reasons you should use digital advertising to grow your business:

  1. The PPC model means you only pay if someone clicks on your ad; when this model is coupled with a highly targeted reach, you have a cost-effective advertising model.
  2. Through digital ads, you can track phone calls, contact form submissions, and actions from each platform. This analysis allows us to make informed decisions about each platform’s effectiveness and pivot as necessary.
  3. When advertising digitally, you can easily test multiple promotions and messages, show up in new markets within minutes, exclude areas down to a half mile radius, and more.

Case Study: Digital Ad Campaign

Pecan Nation is a Genuine Georgia company that grows, prepares, and sells premium Georgia pecans in retail stores throughout the United States. Pecan Nation needed to expand its product to new retail stores while educating the target market on the versatility and health benefits of pecans.

We developed a new, award-winning website with a seamless eCommerce feature, launched highly targeted digital ad campaigns, and crafted engaging content to share the farm’s powerful story. The digital advertising campaign exploded as our highly targeted advertisements were in front of the right people at the right time. In addition, when they clicked on the ad, they were greeted with relevant content, eye-catching design, and most importantly, a seamless purchasing experience.

Circling back to their business expansion goal of obtaining more retail partnerships, M&R Marketing accelerated Pecan Nation’s growth and expansion to retail markets nationwide. Our digital campaign drove sales up and the demand we created resulted in more retail presence for Pecan Nation.

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From the Client

“Since partnering with M&R Marketing, our brand reach has expanded significantly. M&R’s creative team brings distinctive insight to our company goals, and we are pleased with the personal attention we receive. From comprehensive digital strategies to stunning website design, M&R is an incredible asset to Pecan Nation. They have been instrumental in expanding our brand to a national audience. We look forward to continuing to grow alongside M&R Marketing.”

– Will McGehee, Partner