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A comprehensive SEM strategy will attract new and returning customers to a new product or service your business is offering by directly targeting high-value leads, or those likely to make a purchase, at the exact moment they are considering buying from you. It’s important to understand why you need a marketing agency to get the most conversions out of your search engine marketing campaign.

A digital strategist will create a plan of action and begin creating a keyword strategy of potential search terms to bid on once the campaign launches. Using these words in the ad content ensures your ad will show up when someone uses those search terms. Since they’re searching specifically for what your ad is promising, there’s a greater chance your ad will get clicked on potentially resulting in a conversion.

If your business is adding a new product or service, creating a search engine marketing strategy around that specific topic is sure to drive conversions. Keep reading to see how our team made it happen for this pool and spa company.

Case Study: Comprehensive Digital Campaign

When Mid State Pools celebrated its 30th year of business and as Emerson Fromm and his team looked to expand services and concentrate focus on retail sales, the M&R Marketing team was challenged with launching a comprehensive digital campaign to attract clients to that side of the business. Having helped them grow and maintain a very successful pool business, we were now challenged with increasing sales of above ground pools, hot tubs, and retail items.

Through a focused business growth strategy, we boosted Mid State Pools’ digital ad presence, developed a fresh social media and SEO strategy, and captured engaging video and photo content to promote the new retail focus.

All of Mid State Pool’s digital platforms have seems dramatic increases in following, engagement, and conversion. Through creating consistent and strategic monthly promotions, Mid State Pools’ eNewsletter reach has seen an increase of 1,300%.

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From the Client

“M&R Marketing has been our agency since 2011, and we’ve seen strong growth each year. They handle 100% of our marketing – digital, video, web, social, strategy – you name it. We meet weekly to strategize our promotions and they provide updates on what’s running, how everything’s performing, and we review creative. Their team is incredibly accessible, know our brand as well as we do, are honest, and they are completely unbiased when making recommendations – it’s always about what’s best for Mid State Pools. I have an enormous amount of trust in them – they are as good as they come.”

– Emerson Fromm, Co-Owner