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Establish your Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps
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Now that you’ve read part one and two of our marketing series, you know what a marketing strategy is, why it’s so important, and how you can help it thrive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about creating this important document, we’d be happy to partner with you! This is how our team can help you establish a successful marketing plan:

Step 1: Discovery Phase

We can’t help you establish a marketing plan without knowing the ins and outs of your company. During our discovery phase, we talk to your team members – the people who interact with your customers the most. We can also set up interviews or focus groups with your customers to understand your company from their perspective. To create a successful strategy, we aim to learn everything there is to know about your company.

Step 2: Plan Creation

After gathering the key details from our discovery phase, we go one step further. Beyond what your team members and customers are saying, we need to know what the market is saying (trends, growth, competitor analysis, and more). Once we’ve collected these important details, we will create your marketing strategy. By identifying where you currently stand, your objectives, and positioning, we can create a strategy that is both attainable and goal focused.

Step 3: Presentation

We spend countless hours creating your marketing plan, and we will present our research and well-thought-out strategy to your team! We will discuss our findings and what we believe should be the focus of your strategy. Our team wants to hear your thoughts and answer any of your questions, as this is a partnership for success!

Step 4: Execution

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy is no small feat. It takes time and effort, and we will gladly manage every single detail for you so you can focus on running your company. We will get your feedback and talk with you about options concerning all important decisions that need to be made. This marketing strategy guides us through the entire year with a specific focus on your company’s primary objectives.

Step 5: Evaluation

Creating your marketing strategy allows us to have a solid foundation for pursuing your company’s marketing goals, but we will never view it as a one-and-done task. Your marketing plan is a living document, so we will adjust our approach to your success when the market tells us to. You will receive reports and can consult with our marketers with any of your questions! By evaluating the data and pivoting to reflect what’s happening now, we will help your company reach success.

This is part three of our marketing strategy series:

How M&R Marketing Can Help

Our marketers would love to partner with you to create your marketing strategy! This is what we do – we want to help your business have a solid marketing foundation to reach your goals. If you have any questions about our process or want to schedule a consultation, give us a call: 478-621-4491.

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