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In part one of this series, we answered the question, “What are Display Ads?” In part two, we answered the question, “What are Search Ads?” Let’s recap:

Display Ads are visually engaging ads that show up on the Google Display Network, a collection of millions of websites capable of showing your ads. Display Ads can be a variety of sizes and formats. They are displayed to a passive audience, meaning the Internet user doesn’t necessarily need to be searching for a similar product or service that you offer for it to appear (“push” advertising).

Search Ads are text-based ads. They do not show up on the Google Display Network, but rather on search engine result pages (SERP). Search Ads reach interested parties (“pull” advertising), as they are linked to the keywords and keyword phrases which you bid on.

What are the main differences between Search Ads and Display Ads?

Search Ads

  • Form of “pull” advertising, reaching an already-interested audience
  • Only shows up in search engine result pages (SERP)
  • Consists of text (headline, URL, description text), no images

Display Ads

  • Form of “push” advertising, reaching a passive audience
  • Shows up across the Google Display Network
  • Consists of aesthetically pleasing images and small amount of text

Are Search Ads or Display Ads better for my business?

Ah, the million-dollar question! What type of ad will attract my target audience? It boils down to what your overall goal is. To help determine which ad is better for your business, ask yourself these questions:

Search Ads

  • Do I have a small budget?
  • Is my target audience local?
  • Should I focus on reaching high-quality leads?
  • Do I need to improve my existing organic traffic?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, Search Ads may be best for your company. By implementing Search Ads, you have more opportunities to reach individuals who are already searching for a product or service similar to what your company offers.

Display Ads

  • Is my product or service best understood visually?
  • Do I need to increase brand awareness among passive Internet browsers?
  • Do I want my ad to show up across the Google Display Network?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, Display Ads may be right for your company! Display Ads will reach individuals that aren’t necessarily searching for your product. If they don’t need your product at that moment, the Display Ad has acted as an introduction for (or a reminder of) your company.

Can businesses use both Search Ads and Display Ads?

Yes! If Search Ads and Display Ads sound appealing, you can implement both in your marketing strategy. If your marketing team thinks one will work better than the other, try it out for a set amount of time and check the analytics to review performance.

Talk To M&R Marketing About Implementing Display Ads or Search Ads

Whether you know exactly which ad you want or you have no idea, our team is here to help. When you talk to an M&R Marketing account manager, you can be confident that we do everything in our power to get to know your overall goals, needs, wants, and vision for your company. Don’t wait another day to partner with the best marketing agency in 2022. Talk soon: 478-621-4491.

Stay tuned for part four in our series all about display ads and search ads: