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Digital advertising broke down the physical limitations that are often linked to traditional advertising. Now, you can reach potential customers who are browsing the internet in their pajamas or the soccer mom who wants to find the best deal on-the-go. In part one of this series, we talked all about Display Ads – a great choice for companies who want to show up on websites, applications, and other platforms. Now let’s cover a different kind of digital advertising option – Search Ads.

What are Search Ads?

When a person uses a search engine to find information or a solution to their problem, pages of potential answers auto-populate within seconds. At the very top of the search engine result page (SERP), there may be several results one after the other with the word “Ad” next to the link. This identifies them as paid search ads versus organic results. If you continue to scroll, the organic results will be below the “Ad” results.

How do Search Ads show up on the SERP?

Your Search Ad is linked to a list of keywords and phrases that your company has selected as relevant to your company. Your company bids on those keywords to show up on the SERP. The more money you bid, the higher chance you have to show up at the top of the SERP.

Fortunately, just because your Search Ad shows up during the query doesn’t mean that you are charged. Instead, the pay-per-click (PPC) model is used. By using the PPC model, your company is only charged when someone clicks on the Search Ad, not because it’s simply sitting at the top of the SERP. Getting your potential customer to click on the ad is a huge accomplishment, but it does mean that you must know your target audience well, choose the right keywords or phrases, and know how much to bid on those keywords or phrases.

A well-written and targeted Search Ad coupled with a website that has been built with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind is key for converting potential customers into loyal ambassadors for your company.

Where will Search Ads show up?

Unlike Display Ads that can show up in different websites, applications, or other online platforms, Search Ads are specifically made to show up on SERPs. They will be at the top of the first page and only contain text (not images).

What are the benefits of Search Ads?

Search Ads appear based on certain keyword or phrases that the Internet user types into the search box. This provides a huge benefit for the company, as your website is showing up to an already interested party. Other benefits of Search Ads include:

  • Your company doesn’t need a huge marketing budget to implement search ads.
  • Search Ads can help you reach your local community.
  • Search Ads meet your potential customer on his buyer journey.
  • Your company can optimize your Search Ad text to intrigue the reader to click your link.
  • Search Ads improve online visibility for your company.

Search Ads and Display Ads are great for companies to reach the most customers. But is one better than the other? It really depends on your overall goal, budget, and where you want to show up in your buyer’s journey. Our team can help guide you on this exciting marketing journey!

Talk to M&R Marketing About Implementing Search Ads

Strategic advertising is a must to best reach your potential customers and help them to convert. We understand the in-depth approach that is needed for both Search Ads and Display Ads. If you want to move forward with advertising or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly account managers. Talk soon: 478-621-4491.

Stay tuned for parts three and four in our series all about display ads and search ads: