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Bring your brand voice to life by formalizing personality traits. You can start this process by brainstorming brand characteristics, then infuse these traits into all aspects of your company’s messaging. Let’s discover how to create your brand voice and how to best reach your audience:

How to Create Your Brand Voice

When determining your brand voice, think about what personality traits you want your company to embody. These traits will be woven into every piece of marketing you send to your audience! So, it’s important to spend time on this exercise, get your team involved, and really dig deep into what messaging you want your company to send to your target audience.

Many companies use a brand voice chart to create their brand voice. In this chart, there is a breakdown of brand voice traits, description of the trait, do’s, and don’ts. Take a look at three examples:

Trait: Funny
Description: Our content will lighten the mood.
Do: Be humorous
Don’t: Be sarcastic

Trait: Confident
Description: Our content will express our belief in our products and services.
Do: Speak authoritatively
Don’t: Speak passively

Trait: Quirky
Description: Our content will be unique from our competitors.
Do: Use unexpected methods
Don’t: Use too much jargon

Once you’ve completed your brand voice chart exercise with your team, enforce consistency among all platforms! (Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry, it’s in part four of this series. Stay tuned!)

How to Best Reach Your Target Audience

You will best reach your target audience if they view your messaging as relatable. That means, your brand voice should be similar to your audience’s personality!

If you’re unsure who your audience is, you can send your current email contacts a survey to get to know them better. Tip – put this survey on all your social channels so your followers can complete it, as well.

While you wait for your current customers to respond to your survey, you can do a little research yourself. We suggest finding your current customers on social media channels and write down what you gather from their posts:

  • What they like
  • What they don’t like
  • What frustrates them
  • What makes them excited

Most likely, you’ll be able to determine this information within the first 10 posts on their page, hence why we suggest doing a little digging on social media channels!

Once you know who your target audience is, compare their personality to the brand voice traits that represent your company. Do they relate well? If so, start infusing these traits into your company’s messaging. If they are not relatable, you should revisit your brand voice traits.

Stay tuned for part four of our series about brand voice:

How M&R Marketing Can Help

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