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Have you ever taken a road trip with your vehicle’s tank on empty? You probably didn’t get very far because without gas, you and your vehicle will be hanging out on the side of the road instead of on the beach. The same analogy is true about your website design and content. If your website design is your vehicle and the content is your fuel, the road trip is your buyer’s journey! It is a vital task to ensure your website design and content is prepared for your website visitor’s adventure. A great website design will fall short without informative, well-written content, and vice versa. Allow us to discuss the benefits of a professional website design and well-written content, and how the two complement each other:

Benefits of a Professional Website Design

According to research conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology, “When viewing a website, it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, according to recent eye-tracking research. But it takes a little longer – about 2.6 seconds – for a user’s eyes to land on that area of a website that most influences their first impression.”

So, your website has less than three seconds to make a first impression that entices them to explore your website, products, services, about page, and – hopefully – over to the contact page or shopping cart to finalize their purchase. Let’s do a quick exercise:

  1. Set your timer for three seconds.
  2. Bring up your website.
  3. Press start.

When your timer goes off, write down the impression you had of your website. Use adjectives. Was it clean, modern, professional, and intriguing? Or was it cluttered, uninviting, and slow to load? If your website design is not persuading your user to stay and explore, it is working against you. When your website design is created professionally, it can produce the following benefits:

  • Develops trust
  • Helps stand out from the competition
  • Prompts visitors to convert
  • Strengthens your branding
  • Supports SEO campaigns

These are only five of countless benefits of a professional website design. It’s vital to understand that the opposite of the benefits listed above is true if your website design is lacking! Treat your website as an invaluable team member who is working for you. Give it a solid foundation, invest in it, and prioritize its growth. We’ve witnessed first-hand how professional website designs can bolster a company’s success. Have questions about how this works? Give us a call: 478-621-4491

Benefits of Well-Written Content

After you’ve captivated your website visitor with a great website design, she’s going to start exploring your website to see if you offer the solution to her problem. This is where high-quality content is a must. We don’t mean you have to sound stiff and unrelatable. Actually, we mean the opposite. Website content should be written as if you’re having an insightful conversation about a specific topic. Approach your website content as if each page is an opportunity to highlight a new topic (because it is).

For example, if you’re telling your friend about the new brewery that opened up in Downtown Forsyth, you might tell her about their story, what’s on tap, and the delicious food they make. Naturally, you’ll use “keywords” in your conversation like local brewery, beer on tap, and Downtown Forsyth. These keywords (and others) help your conversation – and website content – flow effortlessly. People like it, and so do search engines. In addition to writing website content that both humans and search engines appreciate, it’s likely you’ll experience the following benefits of well-written content:

  • Acts as a voice for your company
  • Boosts ranking on search engine results
  • Increases conversions
  • Influences buying decisions
  • Lowers bounce rates

Don’t underestimate the power of high-quality content. By writing informative content, a website visitor can turn into a loyal customer by the time she gets up from her laptop.

Partner with M&R Marketing for Premier Website Design & Content

It’s true – there is a lot riding on your website’s design and its contents. If you’re not 1000% confident in your abilities to build a stunning website that’s filled with high-quality content, don’t do it. Partner with our team instead. We approach every website design and content piece as a new, exciting project. We get to know your company, vision, wants, and wishes. Team members from every department will collaborate to create a stunning website we know you’ll love. Ready to get started? Call us: 478-621-4491

Stay tuned for part four of our website design marketing series:

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