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User engagement refers to the actions taken by your website visitor when they enter your website; for example – reading through your content, submitting their contact information, requesting a service, purchasing a product, and more. When your user engagement is high, it is a sign that your website is meeting the needs of your website visitor. Further, maximum engagement normally equates to higher conversions and returning customers. Simply put, it pays to have high user engagement, as those customers will likely convert, share your solution, and become a loyal customer.

What are the different types of user engagement?

User engagement ranges from reading content to purchasing a product and everything in between. The type of user engagement you’ll measure depends on what industry you’re in and how your website was built. Here are three common types of user engagement that are popular across all industries:

Absorb Content

Before a customer converts, he needs to believe that your company has the solution to his problem. Once on your website, your customer will explore your site, read your About page, look through what you offer, and more. This stage of user engagement is important because if he isn’t impressed with your content or your website’s functionality falls below his expectations, he will find a solution to his problem elsewhere. Read this insightful blog about how well-written content and a seamless website design can benefit your company.

Engage With Your Website Features

If your customer begins to engage with your website features, it’s likely that you’ve won him over with your content and website design – congrats! Your website features include watching a video, sharing the page to social media, interacting with chatbots, watching videos, clicking through gallery photos, taking polls/quizzes, and more. It’s no small feat to win your customer’s attention long enough for him to engage with your website features, devoting his time and energy to your website.

Convert, Convert, Convert

When your website visitor decides that you have the solution to his problem, he will convert. As a reminder – a conversion is any desired action you want your visitor to make. This can take many forms, such as:

  • Clicking on an ad
  • Filling out a form
  • Interacting with the chatbot
  • Purchasing a product
  • Requesting services
  • Sharing content to social media
  • Signing up for your eNewsletter
  • Submitting contact info

Conversions should be celebrated, as they are a sign that your customer trusts your brand enough to give his information in return for your solution.

How can you increase user engagement?

The best way to increase user engagement is to build your website with your user in mind. Seems obvious, right? It’s tempting to build your website and write your content with SEO in mind. But, if you make search engines your primary focus, you are failing to meet the consumer’s needs. By keeping the website visitors first, you will attract more traffic which is like waving a flag to search engines – “Hey, we’re doing something right over here!” There are other ways to increase user engagement. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How fast does my website load?
    • Fast is better; instant is best.
  • Is my layout cluttered?
    • Keep it simple; you don’t want to overwhelm the visitor.
  • Do all my links work?
    • Don’t frustrate your clients with “404 error” messages.
  • Is my website easy to navigate?
    • Your visitors should get to the desired page within 3 clicks.
  • How much content does each page have?
    • More words, the better! Break up the content so it’s scannable.
  • Is my website responsive or at least mobile-friendly?
  • Is the contact information readily available?
    • Don’t make your clients search for your contact info.

Partner with M&R Marketing for Your Professional Website Design

Your website’s design and content are the foundation for your user engagement strategy. They must be created with the user in mind, providing a seamless interaction and informative content. Our team would be happy to create your website for you, write the content, and partner with you for maximum user engagement! Call us today to learn more about the process: 478-621-4491

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