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If your business works for people or with people, you absolutely need to have a company LinkedIn page. LinkedIn is the best social platform to use in order to network with other professionals and companies. Allow us to highlight five reasons why it’s worth it for your business to create a company LinkedIn page:

1. Network with Other Professionals & Companies

If the purpose of LinkedIn could be summed up in one phrase it would be “professional networking.” People from all industries can network with each other, follow other companies, seek job opportunities, and much more. Instead of a display of your personal life, LinkedIn provides an opportunity for you to showcase your career and related work.

Further, your employees can easily update the “experience” section on their personal LinkedIn pages to link to your company’s LinkedIn page. When they search for the name of the company, it will auto-populate in the search bar and display your company’s LinkedIn page. Your employees are ambassadors for your company with a click of a button!

2. Develop Thought Leadership within Your Industry

Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram center around snippets of content and eye-catching images to entice the user to stop scrolling. LinkedIn is different in this sense, as it welcomes longer, informational posts such as blogs, product spotlights, service explanations, and others. Companies can even attach PDFs to their posts to provide even more information. Posting longer, informational content will help your company develop a thought leadership standing within your industry.

3. Easily Analyze the Success of Your Content

Pushing great content on social media is the key to getting (and keeping!) an engaged audience. Your company’s LinkedIn page provides straightforward analytics so you can determine whether your content is intriguing your target audience. The analytics (found on the left-hand side of your page) will provide your page’s activity from the last 30 days. Activity like:

  • Search Appearances
  • Unique Visitors
  • New Followers
  • Post Impressions
  • Custom Button Clicks

4. Pin Your Most Important Posts

Have you heard the idiom “stick a pin in it”? On your company’s LinkedIn page, you can stick a digital pin in your most important posts! By clicking the pin button on your post, it will keep it at the top of your company’s LinkedIn page and future posts you make will publish below it. This is one way you can continue showcasing your important news, even after its time has ended on your followers’ newsfeeds.

5. Boost Your SEO Rankings

Hello, SEO! Your company’s LinkedIn page is public, which means that busy spiderbots will index your LinkedIn page and activity to contribute to your SEO ranks. Always write for people first, but don’t be afraid to keep SEO keywords and phrases in mind as you write. The more interesting and relatable your content is, the higher likelihood of your target audience interacting with it. When they comment or share your post, it’ll show up in their activity. This pushes your posts even further into the digital world!

Partner with M&R Marketing for Your LinkedIn Management Needs

Now that you know why it’s worth it to have a business LinkedIn page, it’s time to implement your LinkedIn marketing strategy! If you don’t have a strategy in place (or even a LinkedIn page), we can help! Our team will discover your goals, create your page, and post FOR YOU. Are you interested in learning more? Give us a call today: 478-621-4491.

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