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Facebook is one of the most visited websites on the Internet, beaten only by Google and YouTube. Billions of people and businesses flock to this social media platform to rant, rave, review, and more. Businesses have an incredible opportunity to reach their target audience on this platform, as they can reach people who would not otherwise see their brick-and-mortar store or website.

However, your organic (non-promotional) posts only reach a small number of people due to Facebook’s algorithm. (Yes, these organic posts are still SO important. Read part 1 of this series if you haven’t already.) Facebook ads help businesses overcome the limitations of an organic post. One way it far out-performs an organic post is that it can show up in a user’s:

  • Feed
  • Story
  • In-stream (videos)
  • Instant Articles
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Audience Network apps

Because of this, it can easily reach your target audience and move you closer to your ad goals. Let’s highlight the benefits of Facebook ads and best practices to implement.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads boast a plethora of benefits! Consider the following benefits from which your business can benefit:

  • Budget-friendly marketing
  • Customize your call-to-action button
    • Call Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Send Message, Book Now, Subscribe, Watch Now, & more
  • Detailed analytics you can review in Ads Manager
  • Different ad types are available
    • Single image or video, carousel, collection, & more
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Experience customer loyalty & word-of-mouth marketing
  • Focus on your target audience based on age, behavior, interest, demographic, & more
  • Gain new leads & conversions
  • Reach interested parties via remarketing
  • Reach people who wouldn’t otherwise see your organic posts

Tips & Best Practices for Facebook Ads

When you purchase a product at a store, you can literally see what you paid for right there in your hands. However, it’s different in the online world. There, you won’t receive a physical object in exchange for your money. So, you have to make intentional moves to get the most out of your money – kind of like chess but in the digital realm. Consider implementing the following tips to make the money you spend on your Facebook ads worth it:

1. Create Goals & Check Their Progress Regularly

Creating goals for your Facebook ads allows you to see if the money you’re putting toward your ad is producing the wanted result. There are many different goals you can set, for example:

  • Gain page likes
  • Garner lead generations
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve community engagement
  • Get more website traffic

Your goals will likely change as your business grows. Bigger companies will have different goals than smaller companies. All of this is normal and to be expected! As your Facebook ads run, check their progress regularly to see if you need to tweak or change the ad.

2. Adjust Your Facebook Ad Criteria to Reach Your Target Audience

A Facebook ad that falls on uninterested minds is a waste of money. You must know who your target audience is to set the criteria for the ad. Once the criteria are set, Facebook will push the ad in front of users who meet those requirements. If you’re not reaching your goals, your criteria may be too broad or too narrow.

3. Keep Your Content Short, Sweet, & to the Point

In the digital world, you are competing for the all-coveted, intangible element of the user – his attention. Not only does your image have to make them stop scrolling, but your content needs to intrigue them enough so they click on your Facebook ad to learn more.

The Facebook ad content and caption must be clear and concise. This is not the place to sell your entire product or service. Rather, it’s the place to pique their interest. The link associated with your Facebook ad should provide more information.

Partner with M&R Marketing for Your Social Media Advertising Needs

Social media advertising is too important to leave to chance. Our incredibly talented graphic designers will create a show-stopping ad that our digital strategists will seamlessly push to your target audience. We will check the progress regularly and adjust the criteria when necessary, so your company gets the best results possible. Are you interested in learning more? Give us a call today: 478-621-4491.

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