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a DSLR camera is filming a woman preparing a recipe
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In a world where technology and entertainment are synonymous, it’s no longer an option to view video as a luxurious marketing tactic. Videos have become a force to be reckoned with – a marketing tool that demands attention, captivates the audience, and produces favorable results. If video has not become a component to your marketing strategy, it’s time to start planning and budgeting for it. It won’t take long to see why videos are such a successful marketing tool.

Check out a few reasons why:

  • User engagement on video is significantly higher than any form of posting on social media.
  • Paid ads on YouTube have a higher viewership rate when compared to other Pay Per Click or Pay Per View models.
  • A video provides substantial return on investment, generates trust among your customers, and ranks higher on Google’s search engine.

When you implement videos into your marketing strategy (complemented with print and other digital material), your reach and audience has the opportunity to grow exponentially.

Saturate Your Target Area

The positive element of implementing videos into your marketing strategy is the number of platforms available; this, however, can be a tricky element to master. Also, you must take into account that your customers are likely scattered across said platforms. So, how do you ensure that your video reaches your target audience in its entirety?

To guarantee the best outcome, take advantage of the video platforms that reach most of your customer base first. After saturating those platforms and seeing positive results, branch out to the next platform, and the next, and the next. Consider the following areas you can place your video:

  • Facebook boosted posts
  • Instagram newsfeed
  • Television commercials
  • Website about page & portfolio page
  • YouTube advertisement

[Did you know? Each platform has different requirements and algorithms you must adhere to in order to maximize your reach. Don’t let that stop you – that’s where we come in.]

Keep Your Video Format Fresh & Exciting

Now that you’re convinced that creating and publishing videos are moves worth taking, you’re probably wondering what kind of videos to make. Fortunately, there are many different types that you can utilize to keep your content fresh, saturate your target area, and strengthen your leadership position in your field. Take a look:

Customer testimonials – A customer review is the hidden ace in your pocket when you want to stand out among your competition. Create a video that features a customer recommending your company and retelling a positive experience she had. Testimonials are advertising gems that must be shared.

Story based – Think about the last time you heard a story or watched a story come to life on a screen. Were you drawn in? Do you remember the plot and ending? Creating story-based videos capture a viewer’s attention in a way that is both entertaining and refreshing. 

Q&A – Put together a simple video in Q&A format. The goal of this video should be to anticipate your client’s questions, and answer those questions before they leave your site to do their own research. Your customers will feel confident with their purchase and you’ll gain more business. It’s a win-win situation.

Product Spotlight – Spotlight videos are an absolute must if you want to excite your customers about a product or service. Engagement is much higher when a product is featured on a well-explained video versus a static image with text.

These are only a few of many options to consider while creating videos. While it may seem overwhelming, don’t let that stop you. The M&R team can create video content for you, manage your platforms, and much more. Shoot us an email at to get started!