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Video is one of the most potent options to incorporate into your nonprofit’s marketing strategy.

If you’re not harnessing the power of video, you’re missing out on a massive market segment that’s ready to engage with video content.

According to HubSpot and Wistia’s 2021 State of Marketing Report, the global pandemic significantly boosted video content creation across all industries. The number of video minutes watched increased 85% compared to 2019, and media uploads increased 80%.

Benefits of Incorporating Video into Your Nonprofit Marketing

Your nonprofit can’t afford to ignore the power of video marketing. Beyond viewership numbers and marketing trends, let’s discuss some of the practical benefits that videos provide your marketing strategy.

Connect with Your Audience

Nonprofits thrive when it connects communities to its mission, and video is a powerful tool to foster that connection.

If done well, nonprofit marketing videos establish an emotional connection with your audience and empower people to partner with your organization. Videos can move people to act and make a positive change in the world. Whether you’re producing testimonial videos or a behind-the-scenes video of your nonprofit, your focus should always be on connecting with your target audience through a message that resonates.

Boost Organic Traffic

Perhaps the most crucial SEO ranking factor is content. When you integrate engaging video content on your site and online platforms, you tell search engines that you’re providing exciting media relevant to searchers. Your nonprofit could start reaching more people organically by implementing video content onto your website.

Marketing Video Ideas for Your Nonprofit


Since language was first developed, people have connected through stories. Creating testimonial videos is an excellent way to communicate with your audience through the power of storytelling and advance your mission. Hearing someone’s firsthand experience with your organization takes your marketing engagement to an entirely new level.

Depending on your campaign goals, your testimonial video can feature volunteers or the people your organization serves.

Campaign Kickoffs

Annual fundraising campaigns are the lifeblood of many nonprofits, and video is a compelling way to announce the beginning of your campaign. Campaign kickoff videos are engaging, sharable on social media, and get people energized to be part of your mission.

Volunteer Recruitment

If your organization is seeking new partnerships and volunteers, you should consider creating videos focused on recruitment. The video can be active and engaging, demonstrating ways groups can give back and serve the community they love. Volunteer recruitment videos are closely tied with testimonial videos, and allowing volunteers to share their stories is a great way to encourage others to join in.

Tip: Don’t overlook the power of a live stream, especially during fundraising campaigns! Give it a try and see what works for your nonprofit.

How M&R Marketing Can Help

Our team of brand management experts can help your nonprofit organization thrive. When you partner with M&R Marketing, we will help you evaluate all aspects of your nonprofit marketing strategy so you can strengthen your reputation, recruit community involvement, and achieve your organization’s goals.

Let’s get started! Send us an email at for a free consultation.