Graphic Design

We are a culture highly stimulated by sight, which means that your brand’s visual identity has the power to incite an emotional connection, trust, and even loyalty in your market. At M&R, we understand the importance of influencing what your brand communicates. With our graphic design services, we strive to understand your vision and create a strikingly unique and refreshingly sophisticated look that your market will recognize and rally around.

Once your branding has been established, you should focus on using it consistently in your market in order to more quickly establish brand recognition. Visit our brand design and brand management pages to learn more about graphical consistency.

Some experts estimate that humans can distinguish as many as 10 million colors.

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

A well-designed, graphically appealing logo design serves as the basis for the rest of your branding. A logo design should make a great first impression, be the foundation for all of your marketing materials, and you should be in love with it. Well, you’re in luck. Our logo services are designed with the big picture in mind for your brand.

Color Palette

The development of your brand colors will not only round out the look of your brand, but it will also ensure consistency across all of your marketing efforts. Creating a color palette will produce actual color formulas so that everything matches perfectly.

Website Design

All of our websites are custom designed, we never use a template, and you are involved in the entire process. After meeting with you and discussing your desires for the website design, we will create a digital sketch that mirrors what the new website design will look like. We then enter into a revision process with you. We won’t start building the website until you’re 100% in love with the design and provide your final approval.

Social Media

Once your brand is established, we want to extend that look across all of your digital platforms. We will create custom designed platforms for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, and more. Our social media services include setup, graphic design, management, and advertising campaigns.


The sky is the limit for print design – anything that can be designed can be printed, with endless options for finishes, textures, sizes, shapes, etc. Some of the items we design and print most often are booklets and catalogs, brochures, folders, rack cards, flyers, business cards, thank you cards and envelopes, letterhead and envelopes, and SWAG.


When establishing an advertising campaign, we ensure that your brand is displayed consistently across all mediums, whether printed, such as magazine ads, newspaper ads, or direct mail, or in digital format through billboards, online ads, and more. Our graphic design services always consider your campaign and your market.

Design Team

The M&R design team is made up of multiple graphic designers and a creative director. Together they offer creative ideas and solutions to enhance your brand and open your eyes to new opportunities and directions. You will also receive great value from working hand in hand with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will help communicate the vision of your company to our design team and ensure that it is reflected throughout the design process.

Why We Design

When it comes to your brand, we’re engaged, enthusiastic, and excited to help you express yourself graphically on any digital or print piece you can possibly dream up. We’ve got some creatively passionate folks over here. And we’ll handle the printing, and the options are endless. What we’re trying to say is, with M&R, feel free to imagine the most from your marketing, and we’ll make that a reality. Better yet, let us imagine for you – we love putting our left-side brains to the test.

To learn more about M&R Marketing Group’s graphic design services, please contact us here. And while you wait the few minutes it takes for us to return your call, explore our case studies to view our graphic design portfolio.