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We all know that potential customers are making decisions based on your reviews, but did you know that search engines are doing the same thing? Google, Yahoo, and Bing are giving priority to local businesses that have a more active online business profile.

But, not only do you need to have an active online profile, you also want it to have a strong rating. Often times, people who are upset are more likely to leave a review than those who are pleased. This means your review rating on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other online sources may be lower than it should be. If you only have four reviews, and one of them is a one star, your overall score is going to be damaged.

That’s why it’s important to take a proactive approach to your online reviews, which is where we come in.

How Reviews Management Works

We are beyond excited to announce our listings and reviews management service. With our help, you will earn more reviews and have peace of mind knowing that our team is responding to and managing all of your reviews.

Here’s how this service works:

Once we have all of your listings set up correctly, we are able to email or text your customers asking for a review. This is not a one-time service. Our listings and reviews management team sends out a customized request throughout the month with the new email addresses you send us.

Are you ready for the best part?

We are able to give priority to appropriate platforms for requested reviews. For example, your business may be booming with great reviews on Facebook, but it doesn’t have nearly as many reviews on Google. We can direct reviews to certain platforms – whichever ones need the most help! This way, your business will flourish on every platform, and the scales will even out.

(Did you know? 44% of people pay attention to the quantity of reviews. Don’t lose a potential customer because of a number.)

Advantages & Features of Reviews Management

Reviews can transform your business. With this service, you will gain more reviews to showcase your reputation. This will have a huge impact on how people view you online. And, it will have a positive impact on a potential customer’s first impression.

Are you looking for ways to positively affect your SEO? You guessed it – reviews. Google gives preference in a search for comprehensive listings with more reviews.

Let’s discuss the features:

  • Generate Emails & Texts: Our customized emails and texts will take the hassle out of asking for reviews in person. More people will remember to leave a review if they have an email notification or text.
  • Customer Leaves Review: After the customer receives her customized email or text, she can leave a review. The process is simple and will only take a few minutes.
  • Monitor & Respond to All Reviews: When your customer leaves her review, we will be notified and respond to it. Whether positive or negative, a response to a review increases how people view your customer service level.

Get Started Today

Maybe you’re happy with the amount of reviews you have, but did you know that 69% of people look for reviews that are no more than 3-months-old? That means you have to be requesting, reviewing, and responding to reviews on a weekly – if not daily – basis.

Let us help.

This is the easiest part (we take care of the hard, time-consuming parts). Contact an account manager to get the process started. We look forward to hearing from you, and being part of your business’ success!

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