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If you likened your business to a rocket, digital platforms would be the fuel. Without an online presence, businesses hit a glass ceiling, so to speak, concerning their reach. But, by creating a professional and well-saturated online presence, your business can succeed substantially. Whether you are rebranding a business or opening a new company, you need to take advantage of digital platforms that will boost your success. Consider the following digital avenues you should focus on in order to strengthen your company’s marketing venture:


Your website is the technological heart behind your company. Every marketing piece you create, every promotion you offer, and every event you schedule will point the viewer back to your website to gain more information. Your website needs to accurately encompass your brand, company, values, services, and products. Subconsciously, customers are affected by several elements of your website – loading time, its professional look and feel, navigation qualities, and much more. If your website isn’t top-notch and everything you need to successfully fuel your other digital endeavors, let us help.

Blog Articles

To put your website to work for you, you’ll need to push out information related to your company in new and creative ways. Blog articles are a great way to do this. Through a unique and comprehensive blog strategy, the M&R copywriters can write about different services or products you offer. Additionally, they will creatively weave SEO keywords throughout the entire article. This will help your website rank higher on Google, and it will act as a resource for current and future clients.

Social Media

Every year, the percentage of Americans using social media grows substantially. If you’re opening or rebranding your business, you want to saturate social media with your information. Before creating accounts on all social media networks and posting sporadically, you need to choose two or three platforms and manage them very well.  You can do this by establishing a strategy for posting, ensuring the social media design matches your branding, and providing resources for your clients.

Online Listings & Reviews

Reaching your consumer boils down to effectively managing your listings. Even more so, the information that is being managed must be accurate. Did you know that 43% of businesses have at least one incorrect listing? If a customer discovers an incorrect listing, he will likely take his business elsewhere. To keep current clients or win over new customers, your new or rebranded business must be reflected accurately in your listings. Through our listings and reviews management service, your business will thrive through complete listings and consistent customer reviews.

Branded eNewsletter

A branded eNewsletter is a great resource that allows your customers to keep in the loop about your company’s happenings. An eNewsletter differs from social media posts or blog articles in the sense that it’s “private” information. In order to access the information, the client was included on an internal list. Subconsciously, this increases the clients’ sense of importance and value since they are privy to this information.

Photography & Video

Research shows that user engagement is much higher when comparing images and video to stand-alone text. To take advantage of this resource, publish updated images and videos often to promote your company. Photography and video provides your customers with a personal look into your company, appeals to the visual world, and makes you stand out among your competition. The best part about implementing photography and video into your marketing strategy is its unique and endless possibilities! Several video or photography ideas to consider are staff photos, staff outings, promotional videos, and product demonstrations.

If you’re all in and ready to go but don’t know where to start, the M&R Marketing Group team can help. We have extensive experience creating websites, writing blog articles, producing top-notch videos, and everything in between. Send us an email at to get started. We look forward to working with you and furthering the success of your company!