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Establishing your buyer persona is no small feat. It demands countless hours of preparation (see parts one through four for preparation details), but the reward is great. Without writing down your buyer persona, the most important part of this process is lost.

Fortunately, you can follow three simple steps to create your buyer persona and implement it into your marketing strategy. Let’s look at the details:

Compile Your Study Notes – Once you’ve gained insight from the notes you took to create your buyer persona, it’s time to make sense of them. Compile your study notes into one document that clearly displays the information. Study this research to truly grasp who your buyer is so you can effectively reach them.

Write Out Who Your Buyer Is – This is the fun part! Take your research (study notes) and create a fictitious representation of your buyer. Give them a name and a story based on your research. The goal is to bring your buyer persona to life to help your marketing team speak to them in all of their material.

Take a look at a buyer persona sample:

“Stan is the owner of a construction company with 100+ employees and $40M in annual revenue. He’s educated and involved in his local community. His goals for this year are 5% gross revenue growth. He regularly reads industry websites, magazines, and forums.

Stan understands that new equipment makes his team happier and more efficient – he places a high value on the health of his team. His buying decisions are based on how easy it will be for his operators to use and maintain the equipment and the level of customer support they will receive if an issue arises.

Prior to making a purchase, he gathers feedback from his operators and mechanics, demos the product, and requests input from other companies using the machinery. He is considered an early adopter, appreciates innovation, is loyal to companies that support his team, and is often willing to pay more for a superior product.”

Share the Research with Your Team – From the team member who answers the phone to your service providers, everyone should know who your target buyer is so they can recognize them. When your team knows who your buyer is and what their needs are, your buyer will likely receive the type of service that will turn him into a loyal customer.

Update your Messaging – You can now begin communicating with your buyer persona more directly – since you know who they are and what matters most, you can cater your messaging to them (if it aligns with your core values).

Begin Advertising Strategically – Research where your ideal client spends their media time and start advertising there – which social media channels do they use, what magazines or websites do they visit, which radio stations do they listen to?

Once you’ve completed these five steps, pat yourself on the back because you have now established your buyer persona! If you missed any of the previous articles in this series, make sure to read them to have a true understanding of buyer personas:

How M&R Marketing Can Help

Now that you’ve created your buyer persona, what should you do now? Implementing this information into your marketing strategy will help your company become more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

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