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In parts one and two of this five-part series, we uncovered what a buyer persona is and why you need to identify it. To recap, your buyer persona contains three essential components: buyer profile, psychographics, and buying insight. Your buyer profile lists the basics such as age, gender, education, and family status. Psychographics takes it one step further by diving into your customers’ personalities, values, and lifestyles. Buying insight is the missing component; it describes when, how, and why someone makes the decision to buy from you.

All three components are important because they allow you to use your advertising budget effectively and reach your target audience successfully.

Of the three elements of a persona, buying insights often cause the most confusion. Let’s explore what a buyer insight profile identifies and why it’s vital in understanding your buyer persona.

What A Buyer Insight Profile Identifies

A buyer insight profile identifies the buyer’s less-visible traits. These elements will contribute to a deeper understanding of your buyers and can help your business grow, if used effectively. Here are five elements your buyer insight profile should identify:


Priorities explain the most important reason a buyer chooses a solution. This also tells you when buyers are most receptive to hearing your message and what will most likely trigger a decision.

Success Factors

Success factors describe the results the buyer expects from your solution – what is most important to them in determining if your solution is a good fit.


Barriers outline what is preventing buyers from using your solution. Once you know what the barriers are (i.e. bad previous experience or negative impression of your product), you can speak to them directly and offer reassurance.


Journey describes the process consumers take to arrive at a solution. This also identifies who is involved in the buying decision and how much influence each person has.

Decision Criteria

Decision criteria allows you to discover which aspects of your solution they evaluated in making their decision.

How Buyer Insights Help You Make Decisions

So, the big question remains – why invest hours of research determining your buyer insight profile? Determining your buyer insights will help you make decisions to accelerate the growth and success of your company. Buyer insights will also:

  1. Improve your messaging and advertising
  2. Generate better leads
  3. Shorten sales cycle
  4. Separate you from competitors
  5. Target the decision maker

Does this sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not. With the right direction and intentional steps, you can reach your buyers on a new level and fast-track your company’s profit and success.

This article is part three of our five-part series on buyer personas:

How M&R Marketing Can Help

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