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When the world was less digital, businesses would share their information in every phone book available. You would choose a listing or ad size, pay extra to bold it, select your business categories, and triple check your information – phone, address, website, hours, services, and promotion. If that information was published incorrectly, you wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars, and it was cemented in print until the next phone book came out.

Thankfully, times have changed…

How Listings Management Works

Our new, digital age has simplified the process of sharing your business listing. Instead of your information being stuck in a few phone books, it’s now displayed across 100 or more search engines and directories online. You can create informative listings online with all your contact information plus photos, videos, and descriptions of your services! And if your phone number or address changes, you simply update it online.

Online directories are a great asset for your business, but many of our clients have found it difficult to update their information.

  • Maybe you moved and can’t figure out how to update your Google listing.
  • Maybe the phone number is wrong or there are multiple listings with different numbers.
  • Maybe your medical practice has a listing for your business and individual listings for each physician, and none of the information is consistent.

It can be a very frustrating and time-consuming issue to correct.

Your online listing is the front door to your business – consumers are typing your name into search engines to access your information daily. If they find an incorrect phone number or an old address, you are making it difficult for leads to contact you. So, how do you correct it?

We’re excited to introduce you to our new service, listings management.

Listings Management allows you to control and update all your business information. And better yet, it locks this information in with over 100 directories, including Google, Apple, Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Waze, and more!

6 Great Features of Listings Management

Here are a few of the ways listings management will improve your business’ online presence:

  1. Allow you to take full control over all your listings – with so many listing directories online, it’s very difficult to manage them individually.
  2. Ensure your business information is accurate and easy to find – once your information is updated and locked in, you will begin to show up more often on Google searches for your business name.
  3. Remove inaccurate listings – we’ve all spent hours with Google, trying to remove incorrect information about our business, whether you moved or a former employee setup a listing that you can’t access. This simplifies the removal process.
  4. Review and approve consumer suggestions – since your listings are locked in, no one will be able to edit your listings. However, they can submit suggestions and you will be able to review those and either approve or disapprove.
  5. Receive monthly analysis and reporting on your listings – have you ever wondered how many people view your online listing each month? Our reporting will let you know how many times it was viewed, how many phone calls you received from your listings, and how many visits it sent to your website.
  6. Make real time updates to your listings – if you need to make an immediate, but temporary, change to your listing, you can easily manage that. Maybe it’s holiday hours, an emergency message, or an in-store promotion. You can turn these notifications on and off in a matter of minutes.

Added Benefit – Local Search Engine Optimization

On top of ensuring your information is correct, you are also creating over 100 external links, meaning each of these directories are cataloging your information and placing a link to your website on their directory. This is a very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially for local SEO. The more legitimate external links to your website, the better your website will rank on search engines – it’s an important aspect of SEO and one that Google, Yahoo, and Bing take very seriously.

See How Your Business Ranks with a Free Scan

So, are you wondering how your business looks online? We’ve created a free scanner that will allow you to quickly find out which of your listings are correct and which ones need updating. You can complete the scan in just a couple minutes by clicking here.

If you’d like more information on this service, you can call us at 478-621-4491 or email us at .

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