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With roughly 3.8 million retail establishments in the United States, retail stores are a vital reason why our economy is thriving. Retail supports over 42 million jobs in the U.S., and sales from retail stores are in the trillions each year.* That’s why it’s a necessity to make sure your retail website design can keep up with the fast paced and thriving retail industry! Discover different elements of your retail website design that you should consider:

Retail Website Design: Users & Functionality

Your retail website design should be created with your customer in mind. A website that is outdated, slow, or difficult to use can leave customers feeling frustrated. Customers want a stress-free website experience that allows them to learn more about different elements of your company, such as:

  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Products
  • Store hours
  • Your story
  • & More

Depending on your needs, we can put as much or as little information as you want. But one thing is certain, we will create a website that meets the needs of your customers and your company.

M&R’s Portfolio for Retail Website Design

The M&R team has extensive experience creating retail website designs. We understand that when your repeat customer or first-time customer visits your website, they need to have a great user-experience. This experience includes how well the website functions, user-friendliness, contact information, and more. Our team has designed and developed websites for many retail stores in Middle Georgia and beyond. Below are a few companies that we were able to serve! Discover how we met their needs:

Moonhanger Group Websites – H&H, Rookery, El Camino, & Dovetail

Moonhanger Group approached M&R with the desire to create several clean and simple websites for H&H, El Camino, and The Rookery. These websites needed to showcase what food is offered at each restaurant and promote a click-to-call phone number at the top of each website so people can easily make a reservation. These single-page websites are mobile-friendly so people can easily browse the food menu on different devices. To ensure branding consistency, each website follows a similar layout and look. We approached Dovetail’s website slightly differently because it is an upscale dining restaurant, and our client wanted to feature different aspects of the restaurant. While Dovetail’s website is still a single-page site, it showcases imagery, the food menu, the leadership team, and more.

Bike Thomson

Bike Thomson makes high-end bike parts for bike enthusiasts and professionals in the United States and internationally. Their previous website was slow, outdated, and it wasn’t catered to the user. We built a brand-new site, implementing an e-commerce shopping cart. On the home page, we highlighted several of their key products and made sure their website was mobile friendly. This website build was unique because we created a “phase two” which includes an international site that allows the user to translate the website content into four languages and pay in Euros. We integrated the “phase two” website into Bike Thomson’s U.S. website in such a way that the user could seamlessly go between the sites.

Mid State Pools

Mid State Pools is a high-end, custom pool company that also sells hot tubs, outdoor living furniture, grills, Big Green Eggs, and accessories. The goal with this website was to feature the plethora of products that Mid State Pools offers beyond custom pools. This e-commerce site has a “call now” button instead of a “buy now” button which easily connects the user with an associate.

Flash Foods

Flash Foods was acquired by Circle K, and they needed a new website that would have a defining new look. The website needed to have integrations (i.e. their rewards program), be able to easily and quickly make updates with their current promotions and contests, implement a store locator feature that allows people to search by city zip and store number, and more. After the website was complete, we managed a successful launch campaign for them, and it spread the word about Flash Foods and its new ownership.

Cathedral Coffee

M&R teamed with Cathedral Coffee to launch their website in advance of their opening. Starting from scratch was incredibly fun, as we were able to transform our client’s retail website design dreams into a reality. We branded, designed, and built Cathedral’s 3-page site that provides information about their merchandise, products, team, location, hours, and more.

How M&R Marketing Group Can Help

Even though there’s millions of retail stores in the United States, you’re not another number to us. You’re passionate about your product, and we’re passionate about helping your website do what it needs to do to enable success! Whether your retail website design needs a facelift or an entire build, we would love to be your marketing partner. Are you ready to get started? Shoot us an email at!


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