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Around the world, the fuel industry is faced with turbulent factors such as production capabilities, global markets, world-wide pandemics, and environmental matters. They must successfully navigate these issues to meet demand. Further, fuel and oil distributors must provide high-quality service to ensure the public has access to this liquid gold. As fuel and oil distributors, a portion of your success is linked to your fuel website design and marketing tactics. These two elements can position your company as a leader in the fuel industry if they are created and implemented with precision and creativity.

Before diving into ways to out-perform your competition from a marketing standpoint, let’s address the fuel industry in America as a whole. These statistics from the US Energy Information Agency prove the strength of the fuel industry in America:

  • In 2021, America produced roughly 19 million barrels of oil per day, claiming the number one spot for oil production in the world.
  • The United States produces almost one-fifth of the world’s oil production.
  • Compensation for employees in the fuel industry is higher than average.

Those statistics say a couple things you can’t ignore:

  • Although green energy and renewable resources are popular, oil will continue to be in high demand.
  • The fuel industry contributes greatly to the success of the American workforce.

Oil and fuel are not going anywhere anytime soon. This means that your company has ample opportunities to reach your target audience and secure your position as their premier fuel distributor. We cannot stress it enough that your marketing tactics have a direct impact on whether your potential clients will choose you over your competition.

Here are several marketing tips for the fuel industry you should implement:

1. Fuel & Oil Distributor Marketing Tip: Host an Efficient Fuel Website Design

Customers expect fuel and oil distributors to produce high-quality products and provide premier customer service. Your company should meet this expectation with every opportunity available, including with your website! Your fuel website design should boast efficiency, user-friendly navigation, and provide all necessary information. Exploring your website could be the first impression your potential customer has with your company – make sure it’s a great experience.

2. Fuel & Oil Distributor Marketing Tip: Ensure Complete & Accurate Listings

Complete and accurate listings provide your potential client with all necessary information they need to explore your company further. Listings will display your phone number, reviews, address, hours of operation, website link, directions, and more. It is vital that you are found in both listings and regular search results.

When set up and managed correctly, search engine optimization (SEO) will push your listing to the top of the organic search results. The listings that show up first have complete information, plenty of reviews, a link to a complete website, and more. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are three of the top listing platforms, but there are 60+ listing platforms available. The more platforms you can manage, the better! M&R Marketing uses software to push the correct information to listing platforms.

3. Fuel & Oil Distributor Marketing Tip: Be Active on Social Media

Social media paved the way for businesses to reach their target audience virtually anywhere, but more importantly, any time they wanted. After your potential client clocks out for the day, he can open his social media app to unwind. Whether he’s at the office or on the couch, you can be there, reminding him that you’re available as his oil and fuel distributor. This subtle reminder pushes your company’s name to the forefront of his mind. Not sure what to post? You can publish both informal and formal posts such as:

  • Around the office
  • Did you know?
  • Fuel facts
  • Locations
  • Meet the team
  • Products
  • Project spotlights
  • Retail stores
  • Services

Use social media to tell people the happenings of your business and, furthermore, how you are the solution to their oil and fuel problems.

4. Fuel & Oil Distributor Marketing Tip: Budget for Google Ads

Thanks to Google’s search engine, you can find a solution to your problem within milliseconds. Type in a few key words and you have thousands of results, but how often do you look past the first page of search engine results? Rarely, right? Your potential customers are the exact same way. Via Google Ads, you can ensure that your company is one of the top search engine results, providing a quick and straightforward answer to your customer’s inquiry. There are other benefits of Google Ads, such as:

  • You can out-bid your competitors.
  • You can scale and control your costs based on your budget.
  • Search ads are more visibly engaging than organic listings.  

Last but certainly not least, when an emergency or natural disaster arises, your potential customer needs to find an oil and fuel distributor quickly. With Google Ads, your company can literally be the first solution listed in search results.

M&R’s Portfolio for Fuel & Oil Distributor Website Design

M&R Marketing creates stunning, professional, and user-friendly fuel website designs that serve customers well. Through a deep understanding of our client and their needs, we have brought their website vision to life. Our fuel distributor clients requested elements on their website that would benefit both the business and customer, such as:

  • About Us
  • Blog
  • Branded Fuel
  • Bulk Fuel
  • Careers
  • Community
  • Contact Us
  • Credit
  • Fleet Card Program
  • Locations
  • Lubricants
  • Meet the Team
  • Place an Order
  • Products
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Testimonials

Take a look at three fuel distributor clients we have helped find success by implementing strategic marketing tactics:

Walthall Oil

Walthall Oil needed an up-to-date site that provided information on their retail and wholesale services. M&R created a custom designed, mobile-friendly website for Walthall Oil. The site includes a map of their existing retail locations, a blog with latest company and industry news, and in-depth information on all their wholesale services. Walthall’s website allows their current and prospective customers to find helpful information easily in this user-friendly website.

Additionally, we implemented Google Ads and social management to increase their online presence. By employing Google Ads, Walthall Oil is now a top choice in Google’s search engine result pages. By actively posting and managing their social presence, they encourage their potential and current customers to stay updated on company news.

Lard Oil Company

Lard Oil had an outdated website that was not mobile friendly and did not serve their customers well. They needed a fuel website design that was easy to navigate and an accessible locations page. M&R completely revamped their website to be mobile-friendly, simple to navigate, and feature all their important information.

Additionally, we focused our efforts on their online presence, including listings management and Google Ads. With listings management, we reviewed their current listings for accuracy and made appropriate updates across 60+ platforms. We continue to manage their listings to ensure accuracy. Via Google Ads, we targeted fuel related keywords so Lard Oil will be among Google’s top search engine results.

Fuel with Wallis

Fuel with Wallis approached M&R with a request for a new, mobile-friendly website. Their original fuel website design was outdated, difficult to navigate, and not mobile-friendly. After an in-depth understanding of their needs, we tackled their project with precision and passion. Now, Fuel with Wallis has a mobile friendly site, clear service information, easily accessible locations page, and more.

Partner With M&R Marketing

Your marketing strategy needs to be created and implemented with a success in mind. From creating your fuel website design to managing your social media account, our team can do it all. Give us a call today with your questions: 478-621-4491.