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High-quality healthcare can be the backbone to a community, as neighbors and strangers improve their health while putting their trust in you. Your healthcare website design may be the first interaction potential patients have with your practice as they choose their healthcare provider.

Your healthcare website design must radiate professionalism, clarity, and expertise – the same characteristics your potential patient needs from their healthcare provider. Discover how your healthcare website design will help your practice – and your patients – thrive:

Healthcare Website Design: Users & Functionality

Healthcare websites are mainly visited by two groups of people – potential patients and referring physicians. Your website should reflect the professional and friendly care that you offer, while also providing information about the conditions you treat.

Potential patients will appreciate a user-friendly experience and will likely navigate to the “Meet the Team” and “About Us” pages. Many doctors, allergists, or surgeons offer the same procedures, but your potential patient may choose your practice over another based on how relatable you are. This aspect of your team can easily be shown on these two pages! You can show your patient that you are a leader in your industry by offering insightful blog articles about the conditions you treat.

Referring physicians will visit your healthcare website to determine if you are a good fit for their patient. By displaying which conditions you treat and procedures you offer, a referring patient can confidently recommend you to their patient. Here are a few key elements and pages you can include in your healthcare website design:

  • About Us
  • Appointments
  • Blogs
  • Contact Info
  • Downloadable Patient Forms
  • FAQs
  • Locations
  • News
  • Patient Portal
  • Procedures
  • Referrals
  • Services
  • Team
  • Testimonials

Do you have an additional need for your healthcare website design? No problem. We can customize your website to fit your needs.

M&R’s Portfolio for Healthcare Website Design

M&R Marketing has been tasked several times to create a stunning, professional, and user-friendly healthcare website design that serves patients well. Through a deep understanding of our client and their needs, we have brought their website vision to life. Take a look at four of the many healthcare clients we have helped find success by producing an excellent website:

Middle Georgia Heart

Middle Georgia Heart rebranded its practice under Dr. Knopf’s leadership and tasked M&R with developing and rolling out its new brand across multiple mediums including a new website. Our goal in developing the website was to show the extensive expertise of the doctors and staff which is only eclipsed by their compassion for their patients. The website includes a blog so they can better communicate their expertise in the medical field, a “Meet the Team” section so potential patients can get to know the doctors, a section to outline which conditions they treat, and more. Additionally, we built this website so their team could easily update the different sections of the website.

Langford Allergy

Langford Allergy is known for providing adults and children in Middle Georgia with the highest quality allergy, asthma, and immunology diagnostic and therapeutic services. M&R was privileged to develop a website with a fresh design and optimum user experience that serves both current and prospective patients. The site reflects a well-developed brand and quality of service that Langford Allergy is known for.

Augusta Pediatric Associates

Augusta Pediatric Associates is a practice dedicated to delivering expert pediatric care to their patients. With two locations, 10 physicians, and over 40 years of serving the Augusta, Georgia area, Augusta Pediatric Associates is a premiere healthcare provider for children. To help them better serve their patients with resources, information, and appointment access, M&R built an intuitive and responsive website that reflects the practice’s unique values and personality. The site includes in-depth information about the services and providers at Augusta Pediatric Associates, so that parents will feel confident taking their child for a visit.

ENT Associates of Savannah

ENT Associates of Savannah asked M&R to totally revamp their website. We re-evaluated the user experience across the website, especially for potential patients. Additionally, we designed and created the website with mobile users in mind. Now, ENT Associates of Savannah’s website boasts a fresh look, new content, and is extremely user-friendly.

Accordia Urgent Care & Family Practice

In 2018, Accordia Urgent Care and Family Practice wanted a website that could develop alongside them as their practice grew. M&R Marketing took on the challenge of building a dynamic website that served all 6 locations and could serve additional offices in the future.

M&R Marketing Can Create Your Healthcare Website Design

Don’t go another day with a healthcare website design that isn’t fulfilling your needs. Because if it’s not fulfilling your needs, it’s very likely not fulfilling your potential patient’s needs either. Our team of graphic designers, copywriters, developers, and account managers are ready to discover what you need and how we can help your business find success. Are you ready to get started? Send us an email at!

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