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Marketing is more than a bonus or an add-on for your company; it is a necessity that, when executed thoughtfully and strategically, not only promotes your name and grows your client base but also directly serves your customers and audience.

Take DLCRA, for example. When the Dublin-Laurens County Recreation Authority turned to M&R, they weren’t just looking for a way to update and boost their brand—they wanted a solution that would make using their facilities and organizations much easier for the people of Dublin, Laurens County, and beyond.


Before 1999, citizens of Dublin and Laurens County had a vision to create a multipurpose recreation complex that would become the destination for recreational activity for community members and visitors alike. To bring this vision to life, the City of Dublin Recreation Department and the Laurens County Recreation Department came together in 1999 to form the Dublin-Laurens County Recreation Authority (DLCRA).

Under the umbrella of DLCRA management, you’ll find:

  • The Southern Pines Recreation Park
  • Legacy Sports, a youth organization for travel baseball and softball
  • The Southern Pines Water Park
  • Additional parks and centers such as Springdale Park, Stubbs Park, and the Oconee Community Center

DLCRA and Southern Pines Recreation Park

Since the late 90s, DLCRA has expanded its capabilities and has created its first-class, multipurpose facility at Southern Pines Regional Park. With plenty of space—120 acres to be exact—Southern Pines delivers many recreational opportunities and boasts numerous areas designated for particular activities.

At Southern Pines Recreation Park, you’ll find:

  • Ag arena
  • Ag expo
  • Baseball/softball fields
  • Basketball courts
  • Football fields
  • Pickleball courts
  • Playground
  • Soccer fields
  • Track
  • Walking trails
  • Water park

DLCRA-specific sports organizations, as well as groups from all over, rely on Southern Pines Recreation Park for their fields, courts, and agricultural facilities. At the same time, families visit to enjoy outings at the water park, playground, and walking trails.

Southern Pines Recreation Park even offers RV parking for out-of-town guests, whether they’re visiting for their child’s travel ball tournament, participating in an Ag expo, or enjoying vacation time in Dublin.

DLCRA and Legacy Sports

Managed by DLCRA, Legacy Sports is an organization dedicated to bringing travel baseball and travel softball opportunities to the area’s youth. With registration options for children 7U-18U, Legacy Sports gives players the chance to receive top-tier coaching and compete in tournaments across the nation.

DCLRA and Southern Pines Water Park

Within the bounds of Southern Pines Recreation Park is the Southern Pines Water Park, a fun family outing for water lovers. Southern Pines Water Park has all the attractions and amenities you want to cool off on a hot day, including:

  • Cabanas
  • Concessions
  • Lazy river
  • Pool
  • Splash pad
  • Water slides

Patrons can purchase one-day passes or season passes that last all summer long.

What DLCRA Needed from M&R


When DLCRA contacted M&R, they needed a new logo that would give their brand a new, more modern look and could be used across all signage, promotional materials, and other marketing collateral.

They also needed a logo for their travel baseball and softball organization, Legacy Sports. Their vision was to create a recognizable, distinguished design that matched the energy of Legacy Sports and would be found on uniforms, hats, banners, additional swag items, and other branded collateral.

Web Design

While they had a website, DLCRA needed a new design that both accompanied their rebrand and better served their various audiences. When they came to us, their current website offered certain features, but the solutions were not as comprehensive or robust as DLCRA needed them to be.

What M&R Did for DLCRA


Our designers got to work to create a brand-new design for DLCRA’s logo. Using a similar blue and green from their former logo, we reshaped it, transforming it from a rectangular shape to a circular design that is more versatile and fitting for various applications.

We also changed the font to something more contemporary, recognizable, and easier to read.

DLCRA logo before
DLCRA logo after

For Legacy Sports, we pulled some aspects from DLCRA’s logo, like the blue and green colors. Using the L and S from the name’s initials, our designer formed a unique star shape to serve as the logomark. The logomark’s design captured the essence that DLCRA hoped to convey and perfectly matched the energy of the players on the field, the coaches in the dugouts, and the Legacy fans in the stands.

Legacy Sport logo

Web Design

Even though DLCRA already had a website, we essentially started from the ground up to rebuild and redesign the site. And we didn’t create one site for them—we created three. is actually a multisite for DLCRA, Legacy Sports, and Southern Pines Water Park.

DLCRA Website allows visitors to learn about Southern Pines Recreation Park and other parks managed by DLCRA. Plus, visitors can:

  • View the park’s calendar of events
  • Explore programs for sports, camps, seniors, and more
  • Shop merch
  • Reserve an RV lot
  • Log into your account

And that’s just the start. Visitors can also link to the other websites for Legacy Sports and the water park.

Legacy Sports Website

When users visit, they can:

  • Learn about each LS program
  • Register for tournaments
  • View tournament opportunities and information
  • View tournament schedules
  • Discover lodging accommodations

The Legacy Sports website makes it easier for players, family members, and prospective LS families to get information and take action to get involved with the Legacy Sports program.

Southern Pines Water Park Website is available to visit all year long, but the park itself is open to the public from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. During the on-season, site visitors can:

  • View admission information
  • Review park rules
  • Purchase season passes
  • View park FAQs
  • Explore rental packages
  • Apply for any open positions at the water park
  • View the concession menu

The information found on the water park’s website helps prepare a family for a visit to the park. The site also helps streamline the visiting process by offering online season-pass purchases.

From the Client

“The process of working with M&R for us has been fantastic. We are very happy with the creative process that has led to a dynamic, functional, and professional logo and website. The team at M&R was very impressive. From their understanding of our complex marketing needs to the simple pleasure and fun of working together, the experience leaves us praising this boutique agency.”

  • Jack Walker, Board President

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